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Facial Plastic Surgery

Advanced Strategies that Preserve Natural Form and Motion





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Facial Plastic Surgery Treatments

Aesthetic Surgery to Refine, Enhance and Restore Your Appearance with an Emphasis to Natural Form

Video: How to Avoid the Unnatural Facelift

Facial rejuvenation and refinement surgery is at the center of Dr. Cook’s interest and work. Patients at his Chicago area offices are particularly pleased by the naturalness of their results following face lift, eyelid surgery, (blepharoplasty), or other facial plastic surgery. Dr. Cook’s techniques in this area are designed to avoid the all too common “over-pulled,” artificial, or distorted results that can occur after facial plastic surgery is performed without artistic judgment.

Dr. Cook has devoted over two decades of intense activity in pursuit of a better approach to facial rejuvenation surgery. He will provide you with an individualized, in-depth evaluation and formulate a customized treatment plan that is in harmony with his artistic principals and your goals. He has a repertoire of techniques that have been extensively researched and/or developed by himself to insure the best possible results for his patents. Dr. Cook feels strongly that Facial Rejuvenation Surgery should recognize and preserve the unique character of each face.

Many of the area’s leaders in business and society come to Dr. Cook for facial refinement surgery and facial rejuvenation surgery.  Dr. Cook’s lifelong study of aesthetics is based on a philosophy that emphasizes a careful study of beauty in natural forms.  This respect for intrinsic or natural beauty is at the heart of our approach to facial plastic surgery.

Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Facial Surgery Procedures

Our portfolio of procedures for facial rejuvenation allows us to offer a variety of approaches for each expressive zone of the face.  For each region, the forehead, the brow, the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, the cheek, the jaw border, the neck, and the lips, we have developed procedures that respect natural form.

Dr. Cook develops individualized treatment plans for patients at his Chicago area offices that include a range of techniques of cheek lift or mid-face lift, upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery), lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery), forehead lift, brow lift, jaw border lift, and neck lift. We have extensive experience in facial volume balancing™ with the use of autologous fat transfer or facial injectables.

“The key”, says Dr. John Cook, “is to select the combination of procedures that provides a maximum result in line with a person’s goals and needs but that allows for the minimum recovery possible.  It is not fair to over-treat a patient but it also is not fair to promise results with a minimal procedure if they cannot be reasonably expected.”  Our experience in artistic eye is what helps us to guide each patient to an optimum treatment plan.

Dr. Cook is well-respected for his work on lip enhancement and refinement.  “The contour of the lip is exceedingly beautiful and complex.  “We should never turn a lip into a cartoon or a cocktail sausage”, says Dr. Cook.  To achieve beautiful lips with natural lines we employ a combination of therapies: fat transfer for deep structural volume, injectable fillers for surface contour, and Fractional resurfacing for line reduction.

Dr. Cook’s approach to rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose) is guided by two key principals, the creation of balanced natural form and the enhancement of breathing function. Dr. Cook employs a variety of advanced techniques that allow him to reshape the nose in a way that balances the  facial profile and respects the fundamental logic of each face.

Video: Health Front: Fat Transfer

Dr. John Q. Cook discusses a revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique: fat transfer. Fat is harvested from an area of the body such as the abdomen, and injected into the face to add volume to the upper cheeks, lips, and other features.

Dr. John Q. Cook discusses a revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique: fat transfer. Fat is harvested from an area of the body such as the abdomen, and injected into the face to add volume to the upper cheeks, lips, and other features.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Bringing Your Face in Harmony with Your Spirit

The surgeon’s skill, judgment and artistic vision are critical to the success of facial rejuvenation surgery.  Dr. Cook expresses our commitment to these high standards when he states, “My goal is to be the leading practice for facial rejuvenation in the Midwest.”

We express our subtleties of mood and attitude through minute changes in brow position, eyelid tone, and the tone of the lips and corner of the mouth. Unless a surgeon is aware of these subtleties, and the patient’s goals and attitudes, the facial surgery will fail in what should be its fundamental purpose: bringing the face in harmony with your spirit.

It was Dr. Cook’s study of the inadequacies of many of the techniques of facial aesthetic surgery that motivated him to seek techniques that would produce a more natural result.  “I subsume my ego in this process.  I will gladly follow anyone’s good idea, add some nuances of my own, in an attempt to make the result better.  It is always with the same goal in mind – to capture the soft look and subtle curves of youth.”

What we hope you will never find in this practice is faces pulled tight into stiff masks, eyes that have lost their ability to express, or mouths pulled out like some sort of prehistoric fish. What you will find at our Chicago area offices is a highly personal individualized approach to face lift, blepharoplasty, lip augmentation, and other facial plastic surgery procedures. “It is important to preserve a face’s fundamental character,” says Dr. Cook. “Let’s not make all faces look the same!”

It is Dr. Cook’s opinion that facial rejuvenation surgery is in the middle of the same sort of transformation that affected nasal surgery 1-2 decades ago. Prior to that time, many surgeons employed rigidly standardized techniques that led to one nose being a copy of the other. Certain pioneers produced a more subtle approach to the operation, with an emphasis on fitting the nose to the individual’s facial structure and ancestry. In a similar way, Dr. Cook carefully studies your facial structure and proportions, so that facial rejuvenation is true to your face’s character.

There is no one operation for facial rejuvenation but a multitude of operations based upon clear and careful communication between the surgeon and the patient.  The different techniques of facial rejuvenation surgery are designed to address issues of brow position, eyelid tone, cheek tone, the attitude of the mouth and lips, and tone of the neck. Another important aspect  is the replacement of lost facial volume due to a thinning out of the facial fat with the aging process.  There are also a number of issues regarding the surface texture of the skin and quality of the skin which can be addressed through the non-surgical therapies in our Whole Beauty® Institute.

“The facial aging process is about so much more than loose skin,” says Dr. Cook.  “Unless you really understand what is going on from a structural standpoint, you will make the wrong diagnosis.”  As we age, structures deep to the skin settle out of position.  The proper answer to this is to bring them back where they belong.  Aging also leads to a thinning out in key facial zones.  This leads to a fragmentation of the facial architecture.  Fat transfer techniques can help to restore a soft facial look.”

“I know I have achieved my goal, when a patient says to me, ‘now my face matches my mood.’”

Please continue to explore our website or contact our Chicago area offices to learn more about how eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), face lift, and other facial plastic surgery procedures can help you achieve natural, personalized facial rejuvenation and refinement.

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Dr. Cook is recognized for the depth of his experience, innovative techniques, and naturalistic approach. At his Gold Coast and North Shore centers, he approaches each patient with a respect for the individual’s unique natural identity. For more information on any of our procedures, or to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon, please contact Whole Beauty® Institute.