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Neck Lift Surgery

Surgical Options for Patients Concerned with the Loss of Definition to the Neck and Jawline Areas





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Restore a Youthful Tone with a Neck Lift

Neck Lift

Chicago plastic surgeon John Q. Cook’s innovative approaches to rejuvenation of the face and neck have established him as a recognized leader in the field.  His naturalistic approach to facial aesthetic surgery is the product of years of study of the intricacies of facial form and motion.  This knowledge base has allowed Dr. Cook to develop an extensive repertoire of face lift and neck lift techniques, so that he can properly respond to each patient’s needs.

Neck Lift before and after.

Neck Lift before and after.

In some cases, the patient’s goals may be met by procedures that can be accomplished under local anesthesia in the office.  In other cases, more extensive surgery is required.  Patients trust Dr. Cook to provide them with optimal individualized solutions that take into account each person’s aesthetic sensibility and time available for recovery.

Our attentiveness to your needs extends to the recovery process from face lift or neck lift surgery at our Chicago or Winnetka offices.  Whether you are from the Chicago metropolitan area, outside the Chicago region, or from outside the United States, we will design a custom recovery program that will respect your taste and need for privacy.  Our office and surgical facility are located within a few minutes of the leading hotels in Chicago, a city which beckons to an increasingly international clientele.

To prepare for your face lift or neck lift consultation at either our Chicago or Winnetka office, please bring photographs that show your face in good detail at approximately 5-year intervals.  This will allow Dr. Cook to analyze how your face has changed over time and will emphasize the singular aspects of your facial identity.

The Whole Beauty® Institute is committed to total facial rejuvenation.  In addition to Dr. Cook’s in depth analysis, we will provide you with advanced non-surgical solutions that will help to prepare you for your surgery and enhance the overall effectiveness of the results.

Please read the sections of this website concerning Ten Questions You Should Ask and 10 Things You Should Know about facial rejuvenation surgery.  These sections provide you with a detailed understanding of Dr. Cook’s naturalistic approach. For additional information about face lift and neck lift surgery and facial rejuvenation techniques, contact our Chicago or Winnetka offices to schedule a private consultation.

Isolated Neck Lift

The isolated neck lift procedure is a good technique for the patient who is concerned with a loss of definition in the neck, but who has not experienced significant settling of the deeper structures of the upper or mid cheek.  Dr. Cook gains access to the neck through a short incision beneath the chin and incisions behind the ears, usually with a short extension in the crease in front of the earlobe.

Neck and Jaw Border Lift

This technique is well suited to the patient who is dissatisfied with the definition of his or her neck and who has noted a loss of the clean line along the jaw border, but who is reasonably happy with the tone of the upper regions of the cheek.  As with the isolated neck lift, Dr. Cook will make incisions under the chin and behind the ear, but there will also be an incision that follows the curves along the front of the ear and at the base of the sideburn.  This allows Dr. Cook to compensate for the upward shifting that occurs when the jaw border structures are brought back into good definition.