10 Predictors of Face Lift Success

If you are considering a face lift or other forms of facial rejuvenation surgery the cooler months during fall, winter, and early spring are an ideal time in Chicago. The hours of sunlight are shorter and there are less outdoor activities, all of which makes recovery from the surgery easier.

Patients who come to the Whole Beauty® Institute for facial rejuvenation surgery are attracted by our passionate commitment to natural results. We know how to find the right balance between restoring tone to the facial structures and restoring missing volume, so the end result is simply a restoration of your natural identity. We combine this with advanced techniques of skin preparation and rejuvenation, so that you appear refreshed and radiant. Facial Rejuvenation in all its forms has been a primary focus of Dr. John Q. Cook’s activities in his more than 20 years of surgical practice.

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Results of Facial Rejuvenation Surgery by John Q. Cook, M.D.

Many of our patients choose to have their facial rejuvenation surgery under local anesthesia either in our Chicago or Winnetka offices. No fasting before surgery, no IV, and no period of time where you are “blacked out” due to anesthesia. We are able to put you in a state of relaxation with oral sedation and we have developed techniques to administer local anesthetic that minimize discomfort. Of course, if you prefer to be completely unaware of your surgery, it can be accomplished in what we consider to be the best outpatient surgical facility in Chicago with direct access to a luxury hotel for overnight stay.

Dr. John Q. Cook offers a comprehensive portfolio of facial rejuvenation techniques. For patients with early changes we offer a combination of products and Forma, a non-invasive technology that our team uses to improve the tone of the cheeks, jaw border, neck, and forehead. For patients who have a greater degree of looseness but who aren’t ready for a face lift, we can use FaceTite, a minimally invasive device that can provide substantial tightening along the jaw border and neck under local anesthesia. There comes a point, however, where only a surgical lifting will accomplish a beautiful restoration of facial form. Because of our extensive experience with each of these approaches we will guide you to the technique that will best suit your needs.

10 Predictors of a Great Face Lift Result

There is no other treatment that approaches the power, the longevity, and the naturalness of a face lift performed by an expert surgeon. The non-surgical face lift, in our opinion, simply does not exist. Surgeons with a passionate commitment to facial rejuvenation surgery spend years refining their technique and the nuances of observation.

If you are considering face lift surgery there are a number of factors that help to predict the degree of benefit that you will experience from the surgery:

1. The Expertise of the Surgeon

Look for a surgeon who devotes a significant portion of his or her energy to facial rejuvenation surgery and who has a long record of success. True expertise in this surgery does not come easily and requires years of refinement.

2. A long period where your weight has been stable

If your weight fluctuates significantly, you should bring this into equilibrium before you have your surgery. The stretching that occurs with weight gain and weight loss will diminish the benefits of the surgery. Many of our patients have used facial rejuvenation surgery as an incentive to bring their weight to a healthy level; the surgery can serve as a nice reward for reaching a realistic target weight.

3. Skin that has been protected from the sun

We can’t undo the mistakes of our teen age years, but we can take the skin that we have and protect it from the sun. Mineral based sun blocks are the most effective, and newer formulations are not greasy and have a degree of tint, so that you don’t need to look pale.

4. Balanced Nutrition

There is no question that a healthy pattern of nutrition is a key predictor of surgical success. A diet that is low in sugar and refined carbohydrates and is rich in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables along with a good source of protein benefits your body, your mind, and the quality of your facial structure.

5. A consistent pattern of exercise

In our opinion the exercise history is as important as any element of your medical history. A healthy pattern of consistent exercise is the closest thing we have to the proverbial fountain of youth.

6. Avoidance of tobacco

Smoking harms the microcirculation, the tiny vessels that are essential to oxygen transport and healing after surgery. As a general rule, the longer the period that you have been tobacco free, the better your surgical result.

7. Proper preparation of your skin for surgery

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we optimize the quality of your skin with medical grade products and treatments. We believe that this significantly enhances the quality of your recovery and the longevity of your results.


8. A sense of calm and inner peace

We live in a world of considerable stress. It is essential for you to find a method to reach a state of calm relaxation. You will live longer and better. You will also have a much better recovery from your surgery. When scheduling your surgery find a period in your calendar where you have the least amount of business and personal obligations, so that you will be relaxed during your recovery.

9. A good support network

Make sure that the people who will be around you in the days after your surgery are happy and supportive. Your energy should be devoted to the healing process, not to dealing with negative individuals.

10. Realistic expectations for the surgery

There is a complex visual feedback mechanism that exists in our interactions with other people. When properly performed, facial rejuvenation surgery can reset the facial posture from a position that appears sad or tired to one that looks happy and energetic. This in turn affects how people react to you. Although these benefits are significant, a face lift will not solve your personal problems, get you a dream job, or make you the most popular person in the room.

It’s all up to You

You have noticed, no doubt, that every one of the 10 items in the list are under your control.

We have found that the patients who come to us for facial rejuvenation surgery are optimistic individuals who realize that much in life is a matter of personal choice. The choice to have plastic surgery is very often part of a pattern of healthy decisions that lead to enhanced well-being and longevity.

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