How do I select the right size for my breast implants?

Patients who come to see me for advice regarding breast augmentation often seek my help in selecting the right size for breast implants.  This is often a daunting prospect for the patient who isn’t sure what is meant by a 275 cc implant or a 350 cc implant.  The real question is, “How will this look on my body?”

There are several ways we can help you with this important decision.  Because I have been doing this surgery for over 20 years I have accumulated an extensive collection of before and after pictures that my patients have given me permission to share during the consultation process.  I feel this is superior to computer simulations because these show the results in real people rather than mathematical algorithms that may bear little resemblance to what is actually going to take place.

Patients also tell me that the anatomical sizes available at both my Chicago and North Shore offices are very helpful.  For years plastic surgeons have tried to simulate the effect of breast augmentation by giving a patient various sizes of breast implants which she then places inside her bra.  I always found this a frustrating process because the behavior of a breast implant sitting on top of the breast doesn’t do a very good job of showing what that same implant would do when it is placed surgically.

Fortunately the anatomical sizers that we have availble for our patiens provide a much better idea of what breast implants will accomplish.  Based on extensive research, these anatomical sizers form a curved shell that when placed on the breast and held in place with a bra do a much better job of approximating what your breasts will look like with a given size of  breast implants.  Patients frequently remark that the use of these sizers is one of the most helpful part of the consultation process.

We also offer our patients the benefit of my extensive experience in breast surgery.  There are often issues of breast structure, artistic balance, and patient goals that are important components of my recommendation to a particular patient.

The combination of our image database, anatomical sizers, and my extensive experience in breast surgery are very helpful to the patient who is going through the process of selecting the size of implant that will work for her.

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