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Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgeon John Q. Cook, M.D. employs the latest and safest techniques at his practice in Chicago and Winnetka. Contact the Whole Beauty® Institute to schedule your consultation.





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Breast Augmentation with an Individualized Approach to Achieve Natural Form

Breast Augmentation
If you are reading this, it is because you are considering the possibility of breast augmentation. I have put together the information in this section of the website to help you make an informed decision about your surgery. I hope that this information is helpful to you, whether you are in Chicago considering me as your surgeon, or far away and looking for useful information as you prepare for your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.


I put this headline here to grab your attention, but it really is true. Although implant size is one important part of the plan to create a beautiful breast for you, there are several other equally significant issues that you and your surgeon need to consider. These issues include the following:

  1. Breast Architecture What is my natural breast architecture, and how can the operation be structured to maximize its beauty?
  2. Implant Shape and Projection What is the best shape and projection of an implant for my breast augmentation goals?
  3. Aspects for Discussion Are there aspects of breast shape and symmetry that I need to discuss with my surgeon?
  4. Breast Plane What is the best plane for my implant: under the breast, under the muscle, or under the muscle fascia?
  5. Position and Direction Are my existing breasts in a good position and do they point in a good direction, or does this need to be adjusted?
  6. My Preferences What are my preferences in terms of taste, exercise patterns, and lifestyle that might affect the surgical plan?
  7. Breast Incision What is the best place for the surgical incision?
  8. Special Techniques Are there any special techniques, such as fat transfer, release of the breast structure, a reshaping of the breast, or repositioning of the muscle that will enhance the quality of my breast augmentation?

This website is designed to give you information about the issues I have just mentioned, so that you will obtain the maximum benefit from your consultation and come up with a plan for your surgery that is tailored to your individual needs.

Why should you pay attention to what I’m saying on this website?

Anyone who spends time on the internet realizes that there is a vast quantity of information on just about any topic. Some of the information is helpful and much is misleading and poorly researched. In order for you to determine the quality of the information, you need to know about its source. With this in mind, it is reasonable for you to consider my credentials, experience and taste as a Chicago breast augmentation surgeon.

I am a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in practice for over 20 years. From the beginning of my practice I have had a significant interest in all aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. For the reconstructive aspects of my breast practice, I perform surgery at Rush University Medical Center, a major academic medical center near the center of Chicago. For my aesthetic breast practice I perform surgery at a private surgicenter just off of Michigan Avenue. I have offices in Chicago and in suburban Winnetka, which is a lakefront suburb on the North Shore.

I have performed several thousand surgeries involving breast implants, so it is fair to say that I have a wide range of experience. I carefully analyze all of my work so that I can expand the range of techniques I offer and improve results for my patients year to year. Because I have a referral practice, I have had the privilege of helping patients with a great variety of breast issues. The experience that I have obtained from this benefits all of the patients who come to me for breast implant surgery, since I am aware of issues of breast structure that go beyond the obvious.

It is important for you to consider my taste. There are certainly different doctors for different patients. I am an avowed naturalist in all of the work that I do. This means that I am committed to creating breasts that look like breasts, not like cartoons.

I try to respect the natural structure of the breast through careful analysis and the formulation of a surgical plan that preserves the breast’s character. Within these guidelines I am able to create a range of breast sizes, so that I am able to respect each patient’s taste and preferences. I have no interest in creating breasts that look forced or unnatural. In all of my work, I try to respect the insight of Albrecht Durer, a great painter, printmaker and philosopher who was active in the late 15th and early 16th centuries: “Nature holds the beautiful.”