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Dr. Cook is well-known for his techniques that not only reduce the breasts but create a beautiful shape.

Why Dr. John Q. Cook Is the Right Breast  Surgeon for You


Dr. Cook has performed over 1000 breast reduction surgeries.


Dr. Cook has lectured at national and international meetings about the structural technique, which he often applies to breast reduction. Regardless of technique his goal is always to create a beautiful, natural shape.


We will perform an individualized evaluation and select the technique for you that is best suited for your goals and body shape.


One of the things that Dr. Cook loves about breast reduction surgery is that it restores balance, both artistic and physical, to the body.

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gynecomastia After
gynecomastia After


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Gynecomastia Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery for Men with Enlarged Breast Tissue in Chicago and Winnetka

Enlarged breasts are not just a problem for women. They also affect many men and can be the source of significant embarrassment. To address the condition known as gynecomastia, the Chicago area’s Dr. John Cook offers male breast reduction surgery. This is a procedure of choice for men who develop breast tissue, but who want more masculine chest contours. The medical term “gynecomastia” describes excess fatty or glandular tissue in the male chest area. Often beginning in adolescence, the condition is more common than most people realize. In severe cases, it can lead to a lack of selfconfidence and cause the patient to avoid circumstances that would draw attention to his chest, such as going to the beach or swimming.

Dr. Cook has a variety of techniques available to correct this issue. He chooses the appropriate procedure or treatment based upon the patient’s degree of loose skin and the relative amounts of glandular and fatty enlargement. In many cases, the reduction can be accomplished entirely with laser liposuction (such as SmartLipo® or SlimLipo® technology) or with Vaser® ultrasonic lipoplasty. If this is the case, the only scars are tiny incisions in discreet locations. In addition to removing unwanted tissue in the breast area, Dr Cook often uses these techniques to give better definition to the border of the pec muscles to create a more athletic physique. BodyTite® technology is also useful if there is loose skin that needs tightening. There may also be very firm tissue right underneath the nipple, which requires direct removal. This can be done through a discreet incision along the border of the areola (the colored zone surrounding the nipple).

Note that gynecomastia surgery is different from female breast reduction, which is a breast surgery that focuses on reducing volume while maintaining or improving breast shape, proportion, and symmetry.

Contact Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago or Winnetka for more information about gynecomastia cost, recovery, and other details. Call 312-751-2112 or send a message online.

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