It’s often said that you must love with yourself before falling in love with someone else. People who feel good about themselves are self-confident, and this makes them more attractive to others. One part of this process is feeling comfortable about your appearance. When done for the right reasons, plastic surgery can help you optimize certain areas of your body that you find frustrating. Once these areas are refined, you feel good about yourself and the people you meet respond to this.

For some women, issues with self-confidence may be related to the appearance of their breasts. If you feel that your breasts appear disproportionate to the rest of your body, this may affect your sense of attractiveness. In subtle ways, this may even influence how you carry yourself; your posture and even your “body language” may convey an image of insecurity. Under the right circumstances, breast surgery with Dr. John Q. Cook at The Whole Beauty® Institute, can help you to put negative feelings away so that you can own your beauty.

Breast Lift

Natural aging, pregnancy or weight loss will usually contribute to breasts that settle to a low position on the chest wall. There are also quite of few women who recall that their breasts have always been at a low position, even when they were teenagers. Not only can this feel uncomfortable for some patients, but also a lack of fullness can detract from the appearance of the breasts.

Traditional breast lift surgery relies on a tightening of the skin to lift the breast. Unfortunately, stretched out skin often stretches again, so that the breasts settle to a low position one more time. Also, the lifted breasts still may be hollow in their upper portions. This is the reason why plastic surgeons often place breast implants when they perform breast lift surgery.

Structural breast lift

Structural breast lift without implants. Patient also combined procedure with HLT abdominoplasty.

With the structural technique of breast surgery, Dr. Cook is able to avoid these shortcomings. With this technique, Dr. Cook anchors the breast at a deeper level so that the skin is not doing all the work of the lift. He also shifts natural breast tissue from the lower portion of the breast to restore a pleasing fullness in the upper breast. If you have settled breasts and you are reasonably happy with their appearance when you wear a supportive bra, the structural technique may be a good answer for you.

Dr. Cook has over 20 years of experience with advanced techniques of breast surgery and has an artistic approach that emphasizes natural results. He will analyze the artistic lines of your body and help you select a breast lift technique that provides a result that is in harmony with your overall appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Some women wish that their breasts were larger and in better proportion to the rest of the body. The breasts may simply never have developed to a pleasing volume, or the breasts may lose structure due to weight loss, pregnancy, or surgery. When the two breasts have different sizes or different shapes, this can make a person particularly self-conscious about her appearance. For these women, breast implants may play a helpful role.

Natural looking breast augmntation before and after.

Natural looking breast augmntation before and after.

Dr. Cook is well-known for his naturalistic approach to breast augmentation surgery. Each of our patients goes through a detailed consultation process so that we can understand her taste, her goals, and her lifestyle. We can then make recommendations based upon our extensive experience with breast enhancement surgery. We help you visualize your results with the use of advanced simulation technology, custom sizers, and our extensive database of before and after images.

Dr. Cook’s lifelong study of art and natural form informs every breast surgery. His goal is to create breasts that look like they came from nature rather than from surgery.

Breast Reduction

Structural breast reduction before and after.

Structural breast reduction before and after.

Not every patient desires fuller breasts. In fact, the breasts can cause physical pain if they are disproportionately larger than what the body can support. Overly abundant breasts create back and neck pain and contribute to poor posture over time, leading some women to experience decreased self-confidence.

In addition to reducing discomfort and improving your ease of motion, breast reduction surgery will often improve a person’s body image. As you feel better about yourself, it is easier to exercise and participate in a wider range of social activities.

Dr. Cook will select from an advanced portfolio of breast reduction techniques. The specific choice depends on your goals and the dimensions of your breasts.


Becoming the Best Version of You

When you appreciate your natural beauty, you carry yourself in a way that makes you more attractive to others. This creates a positive feedback cycle in which the confidence you project causes other people to interact with you with enthusiasm, which in turn makes you feel even better about yourself.

Plastic surgery, when done for the right reasons, can help to bring you to a place where you own your beauty. Dr. Cook believes in helping patients become self-confident, which is why he chooses surgical techniques with care and consideration.

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