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Surgical Breast Procedures

Plastic surgeon John Q. Cook, M.D. has extensive experience performing surgical breast procedures.





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Patients who come for a breast procedure evaluation benefit from Dr. Cook’s extensive experience and his passionate commitment to natural breast form.

credit: Yale Center for British Art

credit: Yale Center for British Art

Our detailed consultation allows for us to understand your goals, lifestyle, and patterns of activity, all of which impact the surgical result. We offer our patients a continuum of care that is highly personalized and holds to the highest standards of service.

Breast enlargement and enhancement is about much more than implants. A wide range of patients come to Dr. Cook for breast augmentation Whether it is a question of creating a fuller breast or of restoring breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss, patients benefit from the careful artistic analysis that Dr. Cook provides. Dr. Cook offers an advanced portfolio of techniques to meet your needs.
Whether your breasts have always been low or changed in response to life’s events, Dr. Cook has an innovative range of solutions to meet your needs. In addition to the classic breast lift technique, Dr. Cook offers the periareolar approach, which limits the scar to the zone around the areola, and the structural technique, which naturally restores volume to the upper portion of the breast and leaves smaller scars than with traditional techniques.
In recent years, Dr. Cook has devoted much of his creative energy to the refinement of structural techniques of breast surgery. The principles of structural breast surgery can be applied to breast lifts, breast reduction, revisional breast surgery and breast reconstruction. Advantages of these techniques include a reduction in scarring, deep structural anchoring to maintain breast position, and the restoration of natural volume in the upper portion of the breasts without implants.
For breasts that are sitting too low and lack volume, Dr. Cook offer innovative combinations of techniques to lift the breast and restore proper breast fullness. We offer a variety of breast augmentation with lift techniques that include periareolar breast surgery, structural breast lifting, anatomical implants, and natural volume enhancement with your own fat.
Breast reduction offers a double benefit to our patients. There is an undeniable artistic benefit to restoring proper harmony and balance to a body when the breasts have grown out of proportion. Our patients also experience powerful personal benefits, which include reduction of back pain, improvement in posture and body mechanics, and freedom to exercise. Dr. Cook brings extensive experience to his patients seeking breast reduction surgery and he offers a wide range of surgical solutions.
Because of Dr. Cook’s reputation as a leader in breast surgery, patients seek his advice when they have experienced less-than-ideal results from previous surgeries. A detailed individualized assessment is key to developing a plan that will improve the patient’s breast form. Learn more about revisional breast surgery.
Dr. Cook’s patients who seek breast reconstruction benefit from the extent of his experience at Rush University Medical Center, a leading institution for the treatment of breast cancer. Dr. Cook offers his patients cutting-edge breast reconstruction techniques, including form stable implants, acellular dermal matrix, and fat transfer.