It’s rare for anyone to be born with perfect features. Even the celebrities who project an image of physical perfection achieve this effect with the help of stylists and plastic surgery. When done for the right reasons, plastic surgery can provide a nice boost to self-confidence for all of us, celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

We are all born with natural beauty, but sometimes individual features cause us to feel unattractive. For some lucky people a program of optimal nutrition and exercise restores a beautiful balance to their physical form. However, there are some aspects of physical appearance that you can’t improve on your own. You may have areas of excess fat that won’t go away with exercise, or a loss of tone in areas of your body, or the loss of a fresh appearance to your skin, or a lack of balance between your breasts and the rest of your body.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement at The Whole Beauty® Institute can often add the finishing touches to your physical form, if there are one or more issues you would like to address. Whether you want to correct aging skin, breasts that are out of balance with your body’s natural curves, or unwanted fat, there is a procedure available that is customizable for you.

Create Better Proportions with Breast Enhancement

Many women take issue with their breast size and wish that their chest was in better proportion to the rest of their body. The breasts can appear out of balance for many reasons. Aging may cause the skin to lose its elasticity and cause the breasts to settle, weight loss may result in less fat and hanging skin, or heredity may dictate a breast size that doesn’t fit your shape.

If you have a desire for larger breasts, breast enhancement surgery will allow you to increase fullness to the chest in a way that’s unique to you. Many implant sizes, shapes, and textures are available that turn your implant procedure into a custom approach.

Breast Augmentation patient before and after

Breast Augmentation patient before and after

Dr. John Q. Cook consults with each of his patients to determine whether breast enhancement will provide their intended results. Typically, Dr. Cook will suggest breast enhancement as a way to make the breasts more proportionate to the rest of the body. The goal is not to create overly ample breasts that look obviously altered. Instead, Dr. Cook will increase the size of the breasts in a way that looks completely natural and almost inherent. This follows the natural aesthetic that is at the heart of our philosophy.

Enhancing the breasts allows you to feel more confident about your body contour as a whole. When your breast size aligns with the rest of your body, you will not feel as if you need to compensate for a lack of fullness. It’s a relief to feel fully satisfied with your appearance because now you’re able to focus on other matters other than your self-image.

Sculpt Your Physique with Body Contouring

The rest of the body can become prone to aging as well, causing certain features to lose volume or skin elasticity. Loose skin is particularly challenging for some patients, as it is one of the most unresponsive areas to traditional diet and exercise.

You might be left wondering what else you can do to improve your profile and overall body contour and, in speaking to Dr. Cook, realize that body contouring surgery is what will enhance your appearance permanently.

There are several body contouring techniques that Dr. Cook uses to improve your appearance, and the one chosen will depend on your specific cosmetic goals. Like breast enhancement, however, body contouring must be tailored to your personal characteristics, and Dr. Cook will examine the artistic lines of your body to determine the best method for you.

runnerWhen your body is adjusted in line with your natural dimensions your results will not appear extreme and will not require a long adjustment period. Rather, you will view the outcome of your surgery as complementary to your natural aesthetic, which will only improve your confidence.

The body contouring procedures that are available at Whole Beauty® include tummy tuck, laser liposuction, BodyTite, arm contouring and Cellulaze®, and each is adaptable to the specifics of your treatment plan. Dr. Cook performs these body contouring procedures with the goal of providing beautiful, natural-appearing contours.

Brighten Your Skin for a Youthful Appearance


Products from The Whole Beauty® Skin Care Collection

One of the most important steps you can take to boost your confidence is to use medical-grade skin care. During your youth, it’s easy to be mindless about how environmental factors are harming your skin. Years of being out in the sun make for enjoyable moments but are bound to create fine lines, wrinkles, and sunken features in the future. Pollution, unhealthy eating habits, and the aging process itself affect the skin in undesirable ways. Your skin may appear dull and uneven so that it no longer reflects your inner vitality.

Medical grade skin care can significantly improve the effects of aging as well as the results from plastic surgery. Dr. Cook’s face lift technique will restore facial structures to their proper position and replace missing volume, but these beautiful results can be enhanced even further when medical aesthetic treatments restore a beautiful finish to the skin’s surface.

Our Mission Is to Remove the Mystery and Complexity from Medical-Grade Skin Care

We can help you find a regimen which will significantly improve your skin’s appearance over time without overly complicating your life. This often involves an understanding of your skin type as well as the products available and how frequently you should be using them. Skin care should also adjust depending on the season, with different products and treatments in the summer and the winter months.

Dr. Cook and his team can help you find the right products and create a skin care routine that improves your skin quality and fits into your lifestyle. For over 20 years, Dr. Cook has worked to create skin care products that tackle a variety of concerns. By carefully examining your skin, he can make suggestions for an individualized program that will restore a fresh appearance over time.

Skin imperfections that you’re able to address at Whole Beauty® include aging, dull, dry, and oily skin, damaged skin cells and pigmentation. There is a product or treatment for almost any issue you are facing, and with continued use, you will see an improvement in skin quality.

We Are Here to Help You Discover Your Options and Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Breast enhancement, body contouring surgery, or skin care will improve your appearance, but most importantly, you may very well feel a greater sense of confidence in yourself. If you’re interested in any of the plastic surgery or cosmetic rejuvenation procedures offered at Whole Beauty® Institute, we recommend you schedule a personal consult with Dr. Cook. You can contact either our Chicago or Winnetka office to find a time that best suits you.

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