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Body Contour Treatments

An Overview of Body Contour Treatments Available for our patients in Chicago and Winnetka





John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Body Contour Surgery and Treatments Redefine Your Form

Leadership in Advanced Body Contour Treatments for Over 20 Years

Our team at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka delivers leadership-level results in a wide range of body contour procedures.

Our patients benefit from a truly comprehensive portfolio of options in liposuction techniques: classical liposuction, Vaser® ultrasonic liposuction, laser liposuction with both the SmartLipo® and SlimLipo® technologies, and the SAFE Lipo technique for contour deformities.

BodyTite® before and after

We are also one of the first practices in the Midwest region to offer BodyTite®, an advanced minimally invasive radio-frequency device that reduces fat and provides significant skin tightening.

Dr. Cook was an early advocate of combining fat removal and fat transfer to provide selected patients with a beautiful set of curves. He has over 20 years of experience with fat transfer surgery.

Dr. John Q. Cook is well-known for the results he has achieved with the High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty, an advanced multi-level technique that provides a high level of sculptural precision. He also offers his patients a range of procedures to remove excess skin from the arms and thighs with the latest advanced techniques of thigh lifts, arm lifts, and body lifts.

We have several years of experience with the Cellulaze® technology, an FDA-approved treatment that offers significant reduction of cellulite with a single procedure.

The Whole Beauty® Institute is also the first practice in the Midwest of offer SculpSure®, the latest generation of non-surgical fat reduction. SculpSure® has significant advantages over other non-invasive techniques of fat reduction.


Forma Plus treatment being performed on patient.

Our medical aesthetics team at the Whole Beauty® Institute provides our patients with a wide range of non-surgical treatments that refine and improve the appearance of the body. Radio-frequency can tighten skin and reduce surface texture changes that may develop over time. Other treatments even out skin pigmentation, reduce spider veins, improve the upper chest and neck, and rejuvenate the appearance of the hands.

Body contour surgery is an area where a surgeon’s judgement and sense of artistic proportions is critical. Our patients benefit from Dr. Cook’s life-long study of art, aesthetics, and natural form. Every member of our team is committed to highly natural results.

Balanced and Harmonious Sculpting of the Human Form

Body contour surgery should have as its goal a balanced and harmonious sculpting of the human form. Dr. Cook has devoted his clinical energy to this area out of a desire to offer a more nuanced and sophisticated approach to body contour surgery. “We are in the middle of a significant period of technical refinement with body contour surgery,” says Dr. Cook. “This has allowed us to move beyond simple considerations of removing excess fat and skin so that we can focus on more important issues of three-dimensional contour and form. What you need is a good eye, a sense of artistic balance, and the judgement that only comes from extensive experience.”

A Complete Range of Options for Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction before and after

Our patients benefit from Dr. Cook’s deep knowledge and extensive experience with the complete range of liposuction technologies. We believe that it is not enough to offer only one type of liposuction to all patients. Different patients have different needs and preferences. With our extensive portfolio of technologies we can provide a customized solution to each patient.

Classical liposuction involves the introduction of fluid into an area of treatment and the suctioning out of fat cells with a cannula, a hollow tube with holes at the end that is connected to a suction pump. This technique is the grandfather of all liposuction techniques and is the foundation on which more recent techniques rest. This technique works well in zones of fat that are easy to extract in patients with good skin tone.

Ultrasonic liposuction techniques such as Vaser® lipoplasty add an additional step to classical liposuction. After fluid is introduced to a treatment zone ultrasound energy is delivered by a long probe into the area, then the area is suctioned just like classical liposuction. The main advantage of ultrasonic liposuction is its efficiency. It permits the surgeon to break apart the fat in certain hard-to-treat zones, such as the flanks and chest. It is well-suited to patients who have a number of zones of excess fat and want then treated in a single session. Vaser® lipoplasty generally works best under IV sedation or general anesthesia.

SlimLipo before and after

SmartLipo® and SlimLipo® are forms of laser lipoplasty that are available at the Whole Beauty® Institute. As with Vaser®, Dr. Cook was one of the early adapters of laser liposuction when he realized its advantages over other techniques of liposuction.

Laser lipoplasty works well under local anesthesia, and we perform the majority of our laser liposuction procedures under local at our Chicago and Winnetka offices.

There are several advantages that we have found when we compare our results with laser lipoplasty to our results with other liposuction techniques. The main advantage is a tightening of the treated area. This is of particular benefit in the neck, arms, and abdomen. In general, recovery is quicker, and there is less time away from work, athletics, and a generally active existence. Most patients can dispense with the support garment more quickly than with other forms of liposuction.

BodyTite® has been available to patients in Europe and Canada for several years. Radio-frequency energy is delivered via a pair of probes, one of which sits on top of the skin and one of which passes beneath the skin at varying depths. Radio-frequency energy flows between the tips of the probes to melt excess fat and tighten the overlying skin in a powerful way. We are pleased that the Whole Beauty® Institute was selected as one of the first practices in the United States to offer this treatment to our patients.

Abdominoplasty, Thigh Lifts, Brachioplasty, and Body Lifts

Abdominoplasty before and after

We carefully evaluate the skin tone of each patient who comes to us for body contour surgery. If the skin has been stretched excessively by cycles of weight gain and loss, pregnancy, or forces associated with the aging process, liposuction alone often will leave the patient disappointed. For such a patient the best choice is either to have no surgery or to consider one of the more advanced techniques of excisional body contour surgery which Dr. Cook offers.

Dr. Cook has extensive experience with a technique of body contour surgery known as the high lateral tension abdominoplasty. This is an advanced 3-layer restoration of body tone that is combined with liposuction. “I have found that this technique increases the power of the correction that I can offer my patients when I compare it to the techniques I previously used,” says Dr. Cook. “The technique allows me to safely combine liposuction with excisional surgery and to extend the benefits of rejuvenation to the upper thigh.”

Dr. Cook has also developed innovative techniques that in the right patient allow for excess fat and skin in the lower abdomen without the longer recovery associated with an abdominoplasty. He often combines laser liposuction, Body Tite® and a more limited removal of skin to achieve this goal.

We also provide solutions for people who have excessive loose skin in the arms, the inner thigh, the buttock, and the outer thigh.

slimlipo patient

Arm contouring with SlimLipo before and after

We are often able to avoid the traditional scars associated with brachioplasty (arm lift) surgery with the use of laser liposuction techniques. Dr. Cook has been impressed with the tightening effect of the SlimLipo and SmartLipo devices in the arms. Because of this tightening Dr. Cook can often avoid the long and conspicuous scars associated with reduction surgery of the arms, or reduce the scars to a very short length.

There are some patients who have considerable loose skin of the arms that goes beyond what can be treated with laser liposuction alone. For these patients we have an option that moves the scar from the traditional conspicuous location in the biceps groove of the inner arm to the lower curve of the arm. With this technique we can also tighten the loose skin of the armpit and the side of the chest, both of which usually accompany loose arm skin.

We also offer procedures to tighten loose skin of the inner thigh (medial thigh lift), the waist and hip areas (posterior body lift), and the area between the waist and back area (back lift).

The procedure that D. Cook suggests will determine the nature of your recovery and time away from heavy exercise. This can range from a few days to several weeks. During your consultation Dr. Cook will explain your personal healing process and provide specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery and how to have an optimal recovery.

We Provide In-Depth Evaluation of Each Patient

Dr. Cook evaluates the physical dimensions of your body as well as the spirit in which you are seeking body contour surgery. You and Dr. Cook will discuss your daily habits and overall lifestyle to determine whether surgery is right for you. If healthy eating and regular exercise are not a part of your daily routine, then any result you receiver from body contouring procedures will be limited, no matter how skilled your surgeon. Candidates for body contour surgery should be in good general health and reasonably close to a realistic ideal weight that is suited to their physique.

“I am always delighted when I can motivate a patient to adopt healthy habits, such as a good exercise program,” says Dr. Cook.

If you follow Dr. Cook’s advice, you will notice that your body begins to take on better form even in advance of the surgery. This allows the surgery to be a finishing touch, rather than a weight loss solution.

The Extended Benefits of Body Contour Surgery

It is often stated that at 6 months you will see the final results of body contour surgery, but in our experience we often see continued improvement in our patients’ body form over a much longer period. There are at least two reasons for this. First of all in preparing you for surgery we emphasize that you should optimize good habits of nutrition and exercise. This beneficial change in habits tends to stay with a person after he or she has initiated them. The second reason is that body contour surgery initiates a very powerful positive feedback cycle. When a problem area is corrected, the positive change in appearance is a significant motivator to maintain good habits or even take them to a higher level. In this way body contour surgery truly contributes to a person’s health and well-being.

Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

Successful body contour surgery requires a surgeon who has good technical skills and practical judgement. To reach the highest level of results the surgeon must have a well-developed sense of proportion and artistic balance. We have noticed a recent increase in poorly-qualified practitioners performing body contouring procedures. Doctors can take as little as a weekend course in liposuction to receive a certificate saying they are qualified to perform the procedure. As easy as it is to pick up a cannula, it’s not so easy to deliver excellent results.

“I use the violin analogy to explain this to my patients,” says Dr. Cook. “I could hand anyone a violin and a bow, and they could immediately get some sort of noise out of the instrument, but would that be music? It takes many years of dedicated effort to where you can perform a Beethoven string quartet.”

Contact John Q. Cook, M.D. at the Whole Beauty® Institute

Dr. Cook is recognized for the depth of his experience, his innovative techniques, and his naturalistic approach. At his Gold Coast and North Shore centers, he approaches each patient with a respect for that individual’s unique natural identity. For more information on any of our procedures or to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon, please contact The Whole Beauty® Institute at 312-751-2112.