Over the past five years many of my patients on whom I have performed breast reconstruction surgery have benefitted by the process known as autologous fat transfer.  In this method fat is obtained by a gentle version of liposuction from an area of excess fat and after preparation it is transferred to a zone that is lacking in volume.

I have extensive experience with fat transfer for facial rejuvenation.  For over 15 years I have used this method restore volume to aging faces, both in face lifts and as separate surgical procedures.  Because of my favorable experience in this area I was intrigued when surgical innovators began to apply this technique to breast reconstruction.

Implant based breast reconstruction has several distinct advantages over other more complex methods of breast reconstruction.  These include the absence of additional scars and the lack of disruption of deeper structures of the body.  One significant disadvantage of implant  reconstruction is that there is little to camouflage and soften the contour of the implant, since the breast tissue is removed with the mastectomy.  With fat transfer a layer of soft structure can return to the breast area.

Here is an example of a patient from Chicago on whom I performed immediate reconstruction after mastectomy at Rush University Medical Center.  I utilized fat transfer during her reconstruction.  The result is a breast contour that is soft and natural, almost similar to what you would find with a small breasted woman with implants.

I have found fat transfer to be extremely helpful in a variety of circumstances for breast reconstruction, including immediate reconstruction, delayed reconstruction, and in the  restoration of damaged tissue after radiation.  My staff is trained to expedite all patients who seek consultation for breast reconstruction surgery.  If you come to me for consultation for breast reconstruction and have not yet decided on a surgeon for mastectomy, we can arrange for an expedited referral to one of my colleagues at Rush who specializes in surgical oncology of the breast.

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