One of the few disadvantages to a rigorous program of exercise is the tendency for the face to appear a little gaunt and hollow as the years advance. With aging there is a tendency for the face to lose its fullness in the upper cheek, around the lips, in the temples, and along the jaw border. In some people, heavy exercise accelerates this tendency. At most fitness clubs you can see people with trim beautifully proportioned physiques but who look a little hollow in the face. This is where the facial rejuvenation comes in.

Facial fat transfer for athletes and physically active people can provide a very nice solution to this problem. After all, if you’ve worked so hard to bring yourself into optimum physical condition, your face should reflect your inner sense of vitality. With facial fat transfer I obtain fat from a zone of excess in a gentle miniature liposuction procedure. I then refine the fat and transfer it through tiny incisions into the areas of the face where volume is lacking. Facial fat transfer can often be done under local anesthesia at either the Winnetka or the Chicago, Gold Coast locations of Whole Beauty® Institute.

More and more of my patients have gotten the message about the importance of personal habits. For years I have taken a relatively detailed nutritional and exercise history as part of my assessment of new patients. Chicago area patients who make good nutrition and exercise a priority invariably recover more quickly than expected from surgery. If a patient has suboptimal habits of nutrition and exercise I encourage habit modification as part of the preparation for surgery. I am always delighted when a patient takes my suggestions and makes lasting changes in his or her personal habits. I am convinced that if everyone worked to achieve optimum habits of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction over half the medications prescribed in America would be eliminated!

In the second part of the blog, I’ll provide you with more information about the procedure.