Busy schedules and daily demands can get in the way of proper skin care. Even if your skin still has a youthful glow, it is never too early to start a process of prevention with medical grade products. If your skin has begun to show evidence of aging in the way of fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity it is still possible to reverse some of the damage and restore a pleasing appearance.

Remember that beautiful skin is healthy skin. The same products that improve your appearance can help to reverse damage and slow the development of serious skin problems.

Dr. John Q. Cook believes that to limit aging effectively, proper skin care must be a priority. That means taking time out of your daily routine to treat your skin with the care it deserves.

When you feel the love for healthier skin, you’ll notice that your complexion looks brighter and you appear more youthful. All you need is five minutes in the morning and at night to gain the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted.

General Skin Care Tips

Healthier Skin ChicagoYour skin is exposed to many free radicals and toxins throughout the day, clogging your pores, dulling your complexion and accelerating the aging process. If you do nothing else to benefit the health of your skin, you should consider medical grade skin care products that provide protection against harmful environmental factors.

A gentle, soap-free cleanser will help your skin rid itself of dirt and debris, leading to a brighter and even-toned texture. Hydration of the skin, restoration of the skin’s natural protective barrier and protection against UVA/UVB rays are important components of a skin care regimen.

One of the best steps you can take to improve your skin is to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater. Even if you tend to think that you do a decent job shielding yourself from the sun, adequate sun protection is vital, as most of the changes in aged skin can be traced back to sun exposure.

Morning vs. Nighttime Routines

Your skin has different needs at different times of the day. For this reason, it’s important to customize your routine based on whether it is day or night.

During the day, your skin experiences the most harm. Sun exposure and free radicals combined with your makeup and other environmental factors play a role in the onset of aging. To combat the stressors affecting your skin, consider applying antioxidants and vitamins that provide protection and help repair damage. Start with a cleanser that is suited to your skin’s character, then hydrate with our Hydration Peptide, then apply gentle regenerative products that are suited for the daytime, then restore the skin’s protective barrier. Often patients follow with specific products for the delicate skin under the eyes. The final step is protection with a high-quality sunblock.

WBR3® Skin Care ChicagoAt night, your skin desperately wants to repair itself after a long day of stress, and your sleep cycle is the perfect time for it to do so. Just like the rest of your body, your skin falls into a state of relaxation at night, which is why it’s essential to amplify the healing processes that occur naturally.

Our recommendations are individualized and often include products such as retinol, Super C & Ferulic, and our flagship product, WBR3®.

Crafting a morning and nightly skin care routine is challenging for most individuals due to the many products that are available. Some formulations are helpful while others irritate the skin and do nothing to temper the effects of aging. Dr. Cook has developed a medical-grade skincare line that fits into your daily routine. Not only are the products easy to use, but also they work with your skin to improve it over time.

To help you develop your personal skin care routine, Dr. Cook’s team will consult with you and perform a skin evaluation. Based on their findings, they can suggest specific products that will make your skin healthier and more beautiful. We will provide you with a specific routine that allows you to apply each product thoroughly and efficiently.

As your skin continues to improve, the products you use will gradually change. The goal is to continually strengthen your skin so that it becomes less susceptible to imperfections.

Specific Products for Unique Conditions

It’s often the case that one or more skin conditions affect your ability to achieve clear and smooth skin. Even with a specialized skin care routine, skin pigmentation, acne scarring, and wrinkles are specific concerns that need to be addressed with unique products.

With a thorough skin evaluation, the Whole Beauty® team can determine the cause of the skin condition you are experiencing and recommend products to help improve skin quality over time. Solutions that focus on a particular area of the face, such as the Hydra Peptide Eye Gel or Neck Renew, are formulated to target specific cosmetic concerns that are unique to each region.

Additionally, lifestyle changes may be necessary to help you prevent skin conditions from progressing. Adequate sun protection, diet, sleep and exercise all impact the quality of your skin. Together, you and Dr. Cook’s team can discuss your lifestyle and make adjustments that benefit your skin’s quality.

With continued use of patient-specific products and diligence, your skin will see a wonderful improvement, and your love for healthier skin will grow. If you would like more information about the Whole Beauty® Skincare Collection or to find out which products are right for you, contact The Whole Beauty® Institute at 312-751-2112 and schedule a consultation at our Chicago or Winnetka office.