One treatment can help fix 3 major problems of aging skin

Has your skin lost its overall radiance as you age? Does your skin no longer look fresh when you look in the mirror? No doubt you’re eager to restore that beautiful glow but you don’t know where to start.

There is a solution- a brighter one at that, which addresses the three most common concerns as your skin begins to age- wrinkles, brown spots, and red patches that are caused by tiny facial blood vessels- all within a single 30-minute procedure. It is a great solution for busy people who want fresher skin but who have limited time for recovery from skin treatments.

This treatment is known as “Three for Me™” and it involves a combination of state-of-the-art technologies that can be combined for maximum effectiveness by our Whole Beauty® team.

“Three for Me™” gives you powerful results with very little downtime. Now you can say “yes” to that upcoming event and know that you will have a fresh and radiant appearance.

Let’s break it down

Your Three for Me™ treatment has two steps:

Step 1: Treatment begins with an advanced form of IPL, also known as intense pulsed light or photofacial. IPL targets the red and brown pigment that is present in the skin as a result of aging, stress, and sun damage. You will see a reduction in tiny blood vessels and rosacea. There will also be an improvement in brown spots and freckles. IPL also helps to provide an even skin tone. A win-win for your skin!

“IPL treatment at WBI”

Step 2: In the second step we use special lenses that create a “microbeam” laser treatment. This part of the treatment stimulates your body’s natural healing mechanism to produce new collagen and elastin in the deeper layer of the skin. As a result, wrinkles, fine lines, and scars are reduced and the skin takes on a new resilience.

“Microbeam treatment at WBI”


What to Expect with your Three for Me® Treatment

Most people are surprised by how little discomfort they experience. Our team can apply a numbing cream or cool packs to prepare your skin for the treatment.

After treatment, you will experience redness, swelling and a tingling sensation similar to a mild sunburn. This will resolve in a few day and you can go back to your normal routine. If you have significant brown spots on your skin they will darken for at least several days, then diminish as they are cleared by your body’s healing mechanism. You can wear makeup to cover any temporary areas of brown or redness.

Most patients see improvement in facial vessels immediately after their first treatment. Brown spots will darken, then eventually flake off within the first two weeks. The new collagen and elastin in your skin gradually builds over the following 6 months.

“Before and After 3 for Me Treatment”


How many treatments will you need?

Although you will see improvements in your skin after the first treatment, most patients will require 2 or 3 treatments separated by a month for optimum benefits. Since recovery is so easy, this does not present a significant inconvenience.

The Whole Beauty® Difference

The effectiveness of any skin treatment depends on the quality of the equipment, but even more so on the experience level of the person treating you. Our sophisticated team is your best advantage.

We also understand how to prepare your skin so that the benefits of the Three for Me® treatment are optimized. For example, some patients have extensive thickening of the skin’s defensive barrier as a result of significant sun damage and environmental stress. We can reduce the thickness of this layer prior to your treatment so that there is better penetration of the IPL and the microbeam energy.

Our team also makes use of several bioactive products that can amplify the power of the treatment. We will discuss these options during your consultation.

Leadership in Advanced Medical Aesthetic treatments

At the Whole Beauty® Institute we pride ourselves in offering you a sophisticated range of medical=grade treatments and products. We often find that a combination of therapies offers our patients enhanced rejuvenation. It all begins with a detailed evaluation of your skin and a treatment map that will guide you through your individualized treatment experience.

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