There are three key aspects to aging of the hands.  First, there is a thinning out of the layer beneath the skin, which reveals too much of the tendons, veins, and bones.  Second, the skin of the hands loses it’s plumpness and tone and beams thin and crinkly.  Third, the color of the skin becomes irregular and has brown and red patches.  Our three-pronged strategy for hand rejuvenation addresses each of these issues.

For deep structural volume we carry out a fat transfer or inject the filler Radiesse(R).  This helps to camouflage the deeper strucures of the hands.

 Before Hand Rejuvenation

Before Hand Rejuvenation

After Hand Rejuvenation

For improvement of the skin tone we utilize the same technology that is employed in our Enhanced Oxygen Facials.  With a series of treatments we restore the hydration of the deeper layer of the skin and reduce the dry brittle look.

For unevenness of pigmentation which manifests itself in brown and red patches we utilize the advanced IPL technology of the Palomar Icon(R) platform.  We utilize wavelengths of light that target red and brown areas and diminish their intensity.

This three tiered therapy has proven to be a winning combination for patients who desire a more youthful hand structure and appearance.  For more information or to set up a consultation at our Chicago and Winnetka offices contact us at or call 312-751-2112.