As we age, a variety of different changes take place that require different types of skin care and treatments, used in combination. This combination is key to achieving the optimal result.

There are four basic problems as we age:

  1. Cellular Turnover
    The rate of cellular turnover diminishes producing thinner, more fragile skin. Skin is replaced very three weeks at age 20 but this increases to every nine weeks by age 50.
  2. Protein
    Damaged protein accumulates in the skin. This damage can be the results of scars, sun damage, oxidative damage, and cross-linking of skin proteins by sugars.
  3. Oil Production
    After age 25, skin oil production starts to drop. This reduces acnes but produces a dryer skin. This drop in oil production becomes more serious after age 45.
  4. Collagen, Elastin, GAGs
    The biosynthesis and breakdown of collagen, elastin, and water-holding GAGs exists in a dynamic balance in young healthy skin. However, after age 25 the skin production of collagen, elastin, and the water holding GAGs is reduced while the rate of breakdown of these factors is increased and stars wrinkle formation and loss of elasticity. The problem becomes progressively more serious with passing years.

Skin Remodeling

Skin remodeling is a process that removes proteins and older cells for the skin, thus removing scars, lesions, and wrinkles while smoothing the skin. Increasing skin remodeling is the key to producing a biologically younger skin. Skin remodeling is very active in young people but declines rapidly as humans’ pass age 20.

Treatments for Skin Remodeling:

Physical Exfoliation


Chemical Exfoliation

Light-medium depth peels

UVA-UVB Protection

Corrects and repairs cellular abnormalities. Increases rate of new healthy cell production.

Maintaining the Natural Moisture Barrier

Much of what we do to the skin to achieve rejuvenation compromises the natural moisture barrier, which is already compromised by the aging process. This is not a complication only a side effect. Oxygen facials restore lost moisture while hydrating and revolumizing the skin, giving back its balance and youthful glow.

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