Structural Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – A Great Leap Forward for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery frequently carries three distinct limitations.  First it is often the case that the breasts do not hold their position and shape for very long  after surgery.  This is due to the fact that many breast lift techiques simply lift the breast by removing and tightening skin.  As the skin stretches, the breast falls.  Second many breast lift techniques fail to address what is one of the primary concerns of women seeking the surgery, a lack of fullness in the upper portions of the breast.  Third the scars from traditional techniques of breast lift surgery may be objectionable to some patients, particular at the inner aspect of the breast, which may be revealed in swim suits and low cut dresses.

Notice the restoration of upper pole fullness without implants
Structural mastopexy technique improves in significant ways the results that I am able to obtain for my patients when compared to other breast lift methods.  Multi point deep structural anchoring stabilizes the breast tissue in its new position, so that the breast is held up more firmly than with skin lift techniques.  The internal breast structure is rearranged so that upper breast fullness is created with the patient’s own tissue, rather than with implants. Scars are also minimized with the technique.

As I have developed the technique I have expanded its use to a wide range of possibilities including breast reduction, augmentation-m structural mastopexy, and breast reconstruction.

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