Structural Breast Reduction Creates Beautifully Balanced Breasts

How Breast Reduction Surgery May Disappoint

Many breast reduction techniques succeed in one way, but disappoint in another way.

Virtually any breast reduction technique, when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, will successfully reduce the excess weight and size of the breasts. This frees the patient from the burden of heavy breasts and reduces the discomfort that often is associated with larger breasts.

The disappointment comes in the artistic quality of the breasts. After the initial healing phase the breasts may appear hollow in their upper portion. This hollowness will only increase as time passes and gravity takes its effect.

How Structural Breast Reduction Creates a Pleasing Breast Shape

It is time to rethink breast reduction surgery. It is not enough to simply make breasts smaller. They should be smaller and more beautiful.

Structural breast reduction surgery, in my opinion, addresses the beauty issue in a powerful way.

The fundamental design of the operation allows me to take tissue from the lower portions of the breast and bring it to the upper part of the breast. The creation of a new upper pole helps to bring the breast to its proper location and maintains a pleasing contour.

Structural Breast Reduction, side view, before and after

Before and after side view of Structural Breast Reduction.

I have used this technique for the better part of 10 years. When I compare the breast shape after a structural reduction with what I used to obtain with the classic inferior pedicle and vertical breast reduction techniques, there is no question that there is a better balance between the upper and lower portions of the breast.

Two Other Important Benefits of Structural Breast Reduction

As time passes large heavy breasts shift out of their original position. Most people are aware that larger breasts will eventually fall to a lower position on the body. Less immediately apparent is that large breasts move outward as well, so that the base of the breasts becomes wider and wider. This interferes with arm motion and comfort.

The structural reduction technique narrows the base of the breast as well as raising the breast to a better position on the chest.

Structural Breast Reduction, front view

Before and after front view of Structural Breast Reduction showing the narrowing of the breast base.

Another benefit of the structural techniques of breast reduction surgery is that it restores a compact breast structure. As heavy breasts settle with the passage of time, the firmness of a youthful breast disappears. Structural breast surgery rearranges breast tissue, so that the breast becomes firm and compact.

Find Out if Structural Breast Surgery Is The Right Choice for You

Dr. John Q. Cook has extensive experience with a wide range of breast reduction techniques. He firmly believes that there is no one reduction technique that suits all patients.

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