If you gently press the breast upward while looking in the mirror you can easily see the natural boundary or base of the breast.  You can measure the width of the breast base.  The base of the breast is important in breast implant surgery because this will provide you with important information to help you to select an implant that is in harmony with your natural breast structure.  As a general rule the width of breast implant should fit within the natural base width of the breast.

It is important that the plastic surgeon who carries out your breast augmentation surgery should design the space or pocket for the implant with the natural breast structure in mind.  An implant that comes too far out to the side beyond the natural breast limits will not sit well on the body.  An implant that comes too far to the inside of the breast will lack the necessary camouflage and may even show sharp edges or ripples.

Even in patients whose breasts appear small, the base of the breast will usually accommodate a wide range of implants.  There are some patients who have a tight narrow base to the breast.  Under these circumstances it may be appropriate to place a larger base implant, but only if the surgeon has the experience and technical skill to release the base of the breast.  Otherwise there will tend to be a double breast contour where one curve is determined by the implant and a second curve is determined by the original breast structure.

Plastic surgeon, John Q. Cook, M.D., combines his knowledge and skill with a sophisticated understanding of the nuances and subtleties of the natural form. Treatments are personally tailored for each patient to refine and rejuvenate their appearance while preserving their unique, natural identity.

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