Patients of Dr. John Q. Cook and the team at the Whole Beauty® Institute have experienced the benefits of injectable fillers. As one of the leading centers for facial volume restoration in the Chicago region, we have extensive experience with the complete range of fillers. All of our work is aligned with Dr. Cook’s emphasis on naturalistic results.

We have advanced techniques for treating patients with a variety of fillers, such as Volbella, Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Lift, and Belotero. Each of these fillers has a specific artistic function, and in our treatments, we often use several fillers to obtain the best artistic effect.

The “new kid on the block” for fillers is Volbella. This filler, which has been widely used in Europe and Canada, recently received clearance by the FDA for use in the United States. There are two specific areas where it excels: restoration of a smooth surface to the lips, and a softening of fine lines that occur in the upper and lower lip. The subtle effects that we obtain with this filler are very pleasing to our patients

Aesthetic Differences with Volbella

Volbella before and after

Like many other dermal fillers on the market today, Volbella is comprised of hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule found naturally in the human body. It is possible to connect these sugar molecules end-to-end so that they form chains of varying length. Vycross is a technology used by the manufacturer of Volbella to hook a mixture of long and short chains together, which has two practical benefits. First of all, fillers made with the Vycross technology tend to last longer than expected. Second, they tend to produce less swelling, while still providing excellent long-term volumization.

Volbella’s structure allows for a skilled injector to place it in a very superficial location. Because of this, it is possible to restore smoothness to the surface of the lips, without a large increase in projection. This makes it ideal for the patient who wants a subtle, naturalistic restoration of lip form.

Volbella before and after

Volbella also works well to enhance the frame around the lip, for those who want to sharpen the definition of the lip border. For patients with long memories, the effect is similar to what we used to achieve with the old collagen fillers, such as Zyderm.

We have been particularly impressed by the effect of Volbella in treating lines that radiate from the lip border, so-called “smokers’ lines.” Because of the Vycross technology, results tend to last longer in this zone than what was previously achieved with other fillers.

Combinations of Treatments for Natural Lips

At the Whole Beauty® Institute, we provide a complete portfolio of treatments for rejuvenation. This allows us to offer combinations of treatments to optimize natural form. For lips, we often combine Volbella for surface restoration with other fillers for deep volume restoration along with several resurfacing technologies to address finer lines of the white portions of the lips. This allows us to address your unique structure.

Creating Naturalistic Rejuvenation

Dr. John Q. Cook’s artistic goal is to only produce results that complement your intrinsic appearance. This means that both surgical and nonsurgical outcomes should look completely natural to the patient. Lip rejuvenation with Volbella is no different. Dr. Cook and his team use this filler to enhance the natural contours of the mouth.

The lips naturally have a beautiful curvature that often only needs subtle improvement if lip rejuvenation is desired. We emphatically reject the trend that is apparent in certain celebrities who sport ridiculously overdone lips. Individuals with lips that appear disproportionate to their facial contour and mimic cocktail sausages look overworked and unnatural. At the Whole Beauty® Institute, our goal is to attract patients who share our naturalistic sensibilities.

Setting Your Expectations

Just as choosing the proper injectable for your aesthetic goals is necessary for creating optimal results, it’s equally vital that you find a physician and team with high-level skills and judgment with injectable fillers. Dr. Cook has spent years studying the artistry behind injectable treatments in order to produce techniques can be used to complement the face without distortion.

During a personal consult, Dr. Cook performs a careful evaluation of your facial contour. He will also talk to you about your cosmetic concerns and whether they can be addressed with Volbella injections.

As with most fillers, your results with Volbella are temporary, and you will need to receive additional injections to maintain fullness in the lips. Clinical trials show that Volbella is capable of lasting as long as one year in the lips. Dr. Cook customizes treatment regimens for each of his patients and will determine an injection regimen for your specific needs.

Contact The Whole Beauty® Institute

Contact us to learn more about Volbella by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Cook at either our Chicago or Winnetka offices – (312) 751-2112.  With a thorough evaluation and discussion, we can help you determine whether a Volbella treatment will benefit your personal aesthetic.