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At the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka our skilled aesthetics team leads the way in advanced skin peel techniques. We are pleased to share our experience with the growing number of skin issues that can be helped with third-generation peels.

The Three Generations of Skin Peels

Not so long ago there was really only one type of skin peel. The old peels involved applying a strong substance, usually an acid, to the skin’s surface. This caused the outer layer of the skin to flake off and reveal fresh skin. It also sent a message to the cells of the deeper layer of the skin so that they made extra collagen and elastin, which led to a plumper better-toned structure.

These first-generation peels were effective and we still use them at the Whole Beauty® Institute for people who have extensive damage, but they involve significant downtime. They weren’t of much use to people who had lesser degrees of damage.

The second generation of skin peels was developed around 25 years ago. For a while, gentler fruit acid peels such as glycolic peels were all the rage. They were certainly kinder to the skin, but their results were somewhat limited. This was also the era of peels with colored indicators, which helped to standardize peel techniques, so that clinicians with little experience in skin peels could treat the face more safely.

We are now in the third generation of skin peels. These peels are targeted to specific skin conditions everything from fine lines to pigment disorders to acne scars; there are different peels for different skin conditions. We have a much better understanding of a variety of compounds that can be applied to the skin for specific effects. We can vary the ingredients to match each patient’s particular set of skin problems. We are also much better at using sophisticated peels to address deeper aspects of the skin without causing surface irritation, which results in reduced social downtime.

Here are 10 Things that Skin Peels Can Do for You

1. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Early peel techniques were often all about lines and wrinkles, and the more powerful peels remain one of the best choices when the lines are deep. Third-generation peels are able to address these problems in a gentler way. Our Whole Beauty® team has a wide range of options to help diminish fine lines, everything from peels, to products, to radio-frequency, to lasers. We can help you sort out the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

2. Smooth Rough Skin and Improve Skin Texture

This is another home run application for peels. A series of peels designed to restore smoothness to the skin’s surface and reduce excess thickness of the outer aspect of the skin can produce a more attractive complexion. Patients often remark that these peels help to improve the skin’s appearance; the look of the skin changes from dull to luminous.

3. Promote collagen and elastin production in the deeper layer of the skin

After age 30 the efficiency of the cells that manufacture collagen and elastin in the deeper part of the skin begins to diminish. This leads to skin that is thinner and less resilient. There are peels that are designed to specifically stimulate these cells to work at a faster rate. This restores the tone and elasticity of the skin.

4. Promote a youthful complexion

As a practical matter, you may not know the exact reason why your skin no longer looks as fresh and youthful as it once did. You can rely on our team’s knowledge to provide the proper sequence of peels and other medical-grade treatments and products that will result in a more youthful appearance.

5. Reduce minor acne scars

Although deep acne scars require more aggressive treatments, peels can be very helpful in diminishing the appearance of mild to moderated acne scars.

6. Regulate Acne

There are specific peels that can help to diminish the severity of acne outbreaks. Usually, these peels are combined with other treatments.

7. Significantly improve irregularities of skin pigment

Newer types of skin peels can help a variety of skin pigment disorders. Properly administered peels are an important part of the treatment of hyperpigmentation and melasma.

8. Can be customized to your needs and social schedule

Our peels provide a wide range of intensity and depth of treatments. Some people prefer a powerful improvement and are willing to accept a significant recovery period. Others prefer to reach their goals gradually, so that each treatment requires little downtime.

9. Improve the Skin’s Retention of Moisture

Earlier generations of peels tended to produce dry skin. There are now peels that can improve the ability of the skin to retain moisture.

10. Improve the Skin’s Barrier Function

This is another change from the old concept of peels. In an era of pollution and environmental stresses, it is important to optimize the skin’s barrier function. There are types of peels that are able to accomplish this.

Combinations often lead to the best results

At the Whole Beauty® Institute, we provide each patient with a customized program to optimize skin appearance and function. Third-generation peels play an important role in the process of skin rejuvenation. When we evaluate you we will select from a complete portfolio of products and treatments to find the combination that will fit your goals and lifestyle.

The Person treating You is as Important as the Treatment You Receive

As with all skin therapies, the quality of the result depends as much on the quality of the person treating you as on the quality of the treatment itself. Trust the highly experienced aesthetics team at the Whole Beauty® Institute. All treatments are reviewed by Dr. John Q. Cook, a recognized leader in aesthetic plastic surgery.

To set up a treatment plan or for more information contact us or call 312-751-2112 for an appointment at our Chicago or Winnetka office.