Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva is a valuable resource for our patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute. It fits in with our mission of providing comprehensive rejuvenation for every person who comes to us.

Since introducing Votiva at our Chicago office on North Michigan Avenue and in our North Shore office in Winnetka we have discovered there is a lot of curiosity about this technology and how the procedure works. Patients want to understand exactly what a Votiva treatment involves and what their experience is going to be like. We thought it would be helpful to interview Votiva patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute and share their experiences with you.

Patient A:
52-year-old female, 3 vaginal births
Primary Concern: vaginal dryness

Patient B:
43-year-old female, 2 vaginal births
Primary Concern: stress urinary incontinence

What was your biggest concern prior to your first Votiva treatment?

Patient A: I was worried about it being painful or embarrassing, I haven’t talked to anyone about these issues before and it took a big leap of faith for me to get undressed and undergo a treatment to deal with something I am very insecure about.

Patient B: That is was going to hurt!

Many women are nervous to discuss intimate concerns and we understand that. Our female treatment team provides tailored one-on-one consultations and has over 10 years of experience in treating all women’s health concerns. We will walk you through the entire process and make sure all your questions are answered prior to treatment.

Was the treatment painful?

Patient A: It was not painful at all. Even being nervous and a bit of a wimp I was comfortable the whole time. The PA who did my treatment was really professional, I was not embarrassed in discussing my fears because we talked a lot before we began about my overall health. When the treatment was over I felt like I could go right back to my normal routine.

Patient B: No, not at all. I didn’t feel much of anything besides it feeling warm. They put numbing cream on prior to starting, so once the treatment began I felt nothing.

We have found that Votiva is very well tolerated. We know this is a sensitive area and we take every opportunity to make the treatment comfortable for every patient. You may have a numbing cream placed on the treatment area which can help take away any unpleasant sensations but the feedback from our patients is that there is no pain at all! Many women describe a light warming sensation in the treated area during the procedure.

Tell us about your results, how soon did you notice a change in your primary concern?

Patient A: I noticed a change within a few days of my first treatment, I was used to applying a topical cream on a daily basis to help with my symptoms, 3-4 days later I found that I didn’t really need the cream. After my second treatment, I stopped using the cream altogether. I have found intercourse more comfortable too. I am really happy, I wish I would’ve done it sooner!

Patient B: I have had issues with incontinence when I sneeze, jump or run for years ever since my children were born. I noticed after my first treatment things felt “stronger.” Following my second treatment, I could tell a huge difference, I could go a whole day without leaking any urine. I have my third treatment coming up and I am already thrilled with the results so any further improvement would be an added bonus!

Treatment Recommendations

We recommend our patients complete a series of 3 treatments for the best results. The treatments are scheduled anywhere from 1 week apart to 6 weeks apart depending on the treatment area(s) and the individual patient’s needs. Each treatment is about 30 minutes long and can be completed in the middle of your work day! There is very little downtime associated with Votiva. We ask that you abstain from intercourse 24 hours prior to your treatment and for 48 hours after your session.

We are very excited about Votiva and the feedback we are getting from our patients! We would love the opportunity to discuss your individual concerns during a private consultation. Feel free to contact us or call 312-751-2112.