What is a PhotoFacial? PhotoFacial is best thought of as a treatment that restores a uniform color to the skin, especially in the face.  As we age the beautiful uniform color of our skin frequently becomes a blotchy canvas of browns and reds.  Brown spots come from sun damage and hormonal factors, while red spots come from thinning of the skin, hormonal factors, changes in fine blood vessels and medical conditions such as rosacea.

The science behind a PhotoFacial treatment concerns the interaction between the pigments in brown and red spots and different wavelengths of light.  If you shine a specific range of wavelengths of light that are absorbed by a pigment, such as the red color range in red blood cells or the brown color range in brown spots on the skin, and  if you apply enough energy, the pigment will heat to the point where it is damaged and the body clears it away.  The surrounding tissue will not be damaged because it contains different pigments that don’t absorb light in the range of wavelengths that target red and brown.

PhotoFacials are delivered by a machine that generates intense flashes of light, which are then filtered to select specific wavelengths of light.  This process is known as IPL or intense pulsed light.  Just as with cars there is a tremendous range of performance in IPL machines.  Some machines are imprecise and deliver so little energy that their effects are minimal; these are the types of machines you might find in beauty salons or in so-called medispas with little or no physician supervision.  This is all for the good, since it limits the damage they can do.

Medical grade IPL machines are used in physician-run treatment centers; they deliver a more precise range of wavelengths at higher energy levels, which in turn lead to more powerful results.  We are pleased to offer our patients the most advanced IPL technology with the Palomar Icon®.  As one of the first practices to accept delivery of this system, we maintain our leadership position in the field of advanced medical aesthetics.

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