Exercise and healthy choices can only take us so far. There are often areas of our body that we can’t improve with our own efforts. Along with having isolated pockets of resistant fat that prevent many patients from achieving the body shape they want, some people also have excess skin that won’t “bounce back” to its normal tone in areas where fat-reduction efforts have been successful. BodyTite® in the Chicago and Winnetka offices of the Whole Beauty® Institute is a leading edge, radiofrequency-powered treatment that can help you achieve the contours you want. Patients who fall into the following categories could be considered good candidates for this local anesthesia fat-reduction treatment.

You might be eligible for this treatment if you:

  • Have a mild to moderate amount of stretched-out skin that has lost its elasticity because of chronological aging, the force of gravity, sun damage, exposure to pollution, lack of sleep, smoking, poor nutrition, pregnancy weight fluctuations, or other causes—and liposuction would only make the sagging skin worse
  • Are not yet ready for surgical body contouring procedures that require the removal of excess skin
  • Are within a few pounds of your ideal body weight, but have had some resistant, small, fatty areas on your body for a long time that won’t budge—even after working out consistently
  • Are in a good state of health and are physically active
  • Do not have certain chronic medical conditions that make BodyTite® riskier for you
  • Do not have low levels of body fat
  • Do not need more extensive changes to your body that you could only achieve from plastic surgery techniques that remove excess skin
  • Are a younger patient and want to postpone the need for a surgical body lift to tighten sagging skin
  • Have had traditional liposuction and still want to remove additional excess fat

We can help you find out whether this treatment is right for you. Find out more about minimally-invasive fat reduction and skin tightening with BodyTite® from our Chicago-based plastic surgery team at Whole Beauty® Institute.

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