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The benefits of Yoga to breast reduction surgery provides my patients with a double benefit.  The first benefit is an artistic one.  A beautiful balance is restored between the breasts and the rest of the body.  It is very common for a patient to tell me that after this surgery she feels as if she once again inhabits her own body.  Many physicians do not understand this dynamic and misguidedly attempt to discourage a patient from having breast reduction surgery.

The second benefit of this surgery is a wonderful improvement in body mechanics.  With heavy breasts, the patient’s shoulders are pulled forward, which in turn throws the posture out of alignment.  Great pressure is placed on the portions of the spine in the lower neck and upper back.  The muscles in this region go into a state of spasm which manifests in pain and headaches.  The patient attempts to compensate by wearing a heavy brassiere which in turn creates deep furrows in the shoulder region.  These effects are worsened when the breasts are not only large, but asymmetric.  The effects of breast reduction surgery in a patient like this are truly dramatic.  Most of my patients already experience a significant reduction in back, neck, and shoulder pain by the first postoperative visit, which is usually 3 days after the surgery.

The mechanical benefits of breast reduction surgery can be amplified by conscious effort to readjust the posture of the shoulders and upper spine.  It is here that I have found Yoga to be extremely helpful for my breast reduction patients.  Many of the poses in Yoga bring the shoulders into a more relaxed and open position that takes pressure off the neck.  Also techniques of breathing in Yoga are beneficial during the healing process.  There are standing poses in Yoga that will help to readjust balance and improve flexibility.  With enough time Yoga will help to bring the shoulders back into a position that maximizes comfort and function.

Yoga is the perfect method to help obtain the full benefits of breast reduction surgery.