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Many women are self-conscious about the appearance of their upper arms.

They would like to achieve a trimmer, tighter, more athletic arm, but are unable to do so with diet and exercise alone.  This may lead them to limit their choices in clothes and force them to cover up when by the swimming pool.

Until recently, the choices available for women with heavy arms have been limited.  The brachioplasty operation involves a long incision along the inner aspect of the arm, essentially from the armpit to the elbow.  This allows the surgeon to remove excess fat and excess loose skin, but the trade-off is a significant scar in a visible location.  Traditional liposuction allows the surgeon to remove excess fat from the arm, but usually, leaves the skin of the arm with an unacceptable degree of looseness.

Word has spread about the results that Dr. John Q. Cook has achieved with laser liposuction of the arms.  It is now possible to reduce fat and tighten the arm without the need for long surgical scars.  Dr. Cook has both the SlimLipo® and the SmartLipo® laser liposuction systems in his practice.  For arms, he most frequently uses the SlimLipo® system.

In June of 2016, Dr. Cook was invited to present his technique at the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting, the largest multi-specialty meeting in the United States concerning cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics.  Dr. Cook demonstrated his results in a large series of consecutive patients who had achieved significant improvement in arm contour with a single in-office treatment under local anesthesia.

How Dr. Cook’s Treatment Works

Patients in the Winnetka and Chicago offices of the Whole Beauty® Institute who undergo arm reduction with Dr. Cook are surprised by the simplicity of the treatment.

An arm reduction patient is able to eat a light meal before the surgery.  When she arrives, she is given medication that will allow her to relax during the surgery.  There is no need for an IV.  After the calming medicine takes effect Dr. Cook and his assistant will carefully mark the area which is to be treated and the tiny entry points for the laser fiber.  He will then introduce local anesthesia to the arm in a way that minimizes discomfort.

arm-lipo arm-lipo arm-lipo

During the actual treatment, Dr. Cook first will place a solution with numbing medicine into the fatty areas of the arm.  He then delivers the laser energy by inserting a special thin probe under the skin that carries the laser energy to the fat.  Two wavelengths are delivered, one which primarily melts fat and the other which helps to tighten the arm.  Once Dr. Cook has completed the laser portion of the procedure, he introduces a hollow metal tube into the treated area, so that he can remove the melted fat.  The patient then puts on an arm garment, which provides gentle compression to the treated area.

From the patient’s perspective SlimLipo® lipoplasty of the arms is a surprisingly easy experience.  Many patients take a short nap during the procedure; others listen to music or to an audiobook.

Recovery from laser liposuction of the arms is much easier than recovery from earlier forms of arm reduction surgery.  Most patients can return to normal patterns of light activity within a few days of surgery.  It is important to avoid heavy exercise for 2 to 3 weeks.

Your Results Should Last for Years

As with any body contour procedure, the best results occur when you help to maintain a good pattern of nutrition and exercise.  As long as you do this, you will experience long-lasting improvement in the contour of the arms.


Arm contouring before and after.

Late Fall and Winter are excellent times for laser liposuction of the arms.  Patients treated now will be ready for trips to warmer climates in the early months of the coming year.  It is possible to achieve slimmer, better-toned arms with a single treatment under local anesthesia.

To learn more about about your options with Laser Liposuction of the arms schedule a consultation or call 312-751-2112.