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Sophisticated Sculpting of Your Body's Curves and Contours

Rejuvenate the body form while maintaining your natural identity with liposuction.





John Q. Cook, M.D.

Chicago 312-751-2112
Winnetka 847-446-7562

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Liposuction Offers Powerful Fat Reduction, Often Under Local Anesthesia

Patients at The Whole Beauty® Institute benefit from the extensive experience of Dr. John Q. Cook in all forms of liposuction. We offer our patients classical liposuction, which is the original technique and still works well in many body zones. If a person needs treatment of several body zones at one time Vaser® lipoplasty, which uses ultrasonic probes to melt fat, is often an excellent choice. Many patients come to us for laser liposuction, which can be performed under local anesthesia in both our Chicago and Winnetka offices. We offer our patients both of the leading technologies, SlimLipo®, and SmartLipo®. Laser lipoplasty has several advantages over other techniques. There is a noticeable tightening of the treated area, which we have not observed with other forms of liposuction, and the recovery is very quick for most patients.

A Complete Portfolio of Liposuction Techniques at the Whole Beauty® Institute

The Whole Beauty® Institute is directed by Dr. John Q. Cook, a leading plastic surgeon in Chicago. In his 20 years of practice, Dr. Cook has developed a reputation for his innovative techniques that refine and rejuvenate the body form in ways that enhance each patient’s unique natural identity.

For many people, a well-proportioned body is desirable, but it may not necessarily be achieved even with good health and a reasonable level of fitness.

Unwanted deposits of fat that distort the contours of your body can be modified through the technique of liposuction. At his Winnetka and Chicago centers, Dr. Cook utilizes liposuction to reshape specific areas of the body by removing localized or regional excess fat deposits, improving your body contours and proportions, and, ultimately, enhancing your self-image.

Suction Assisted Lipectomy (Liposuction)

During his eight years of advanced training and over twenty years of independent practice as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Cook has directly participated in the developments that have led to today’s refined techniques of liposuction and other body contour surgeries.

As our society has become more athletic and more interested in physical form, there has been an explosion of interest in the field of body contour surgery.

Although this is generally for the good, patients are not always helped when inexperienced or poorly trained individuals attempt to carry out sophisticated surgical techniques.

Dr. Cook offers his patients extensive experience in all major techniques of body contour surgery. He also is committed to an artistic vision, which emphasizes the creation of artistic lines rather than simply focusing on the removal of fat.

As in the entire practice, there is a deep commitment to patient service. This includes proper patient education about the role of diet and exercise in maintaining a quality long-term result from liposuction surgery.

At the center of our patient care is an individualized approach to liposuction treatment for each person who comes to our Winnetka and Chicago offices. This includes an in-depth liposuction consultation that incorporates an evaluation of the fat distribution of the body, skin tone, lifestyle and patterns of activity, general health, and expectations regarding the surgery.

Liposuction should not be regarded as a “quick fix.” If it is integrated into a holistic pattern of patient care, the results will offer long-term value to our patients. A commitment to long-term value is one of the defining philosophies of our practice.

The Whole Beauty® Advantage in Liposuction

Patients who come to the Whole Beauty® Institute benefit from several advantages that we offer.

One benefit is the extensive experience of Dr. Cook in the entire range of body contour procedures. Dr. Cook has performed over 2000 liposuction procedures. He has extensive experience in all the major techniques of liposuction, from classical technique, through Vaser®, and on to SmartLipo® and other techniques of laser liposuction. Our practice is the first in the Midwest to offer SculpSure® the next generation of non-surgical fat reduction. For patients who desire correction of surface irregularities known as cellulite, we offer Cellulaze®, an FDA-approved treatment that offers long-term cellulite reduction in a single treatment.

Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to select the technique that will work best for your particular needs. We are proud to offer a complete portfolio of techniques, so that we can offer each patient a customized solution.

Our patients also benefit from Dr. Cook’s well-developed visual aesthetic.  Dr. Cook’s lifelong study of art and visual aesthetics serves his patients well. Liposuction is about much more than removing fat; it should be about creating pleasing contours. It is important that the patient have an understanding of what will look beautiful on a patient if he is to achieve a sophisticated result.

Dr. Cook’s 20-year experience with fat transfer is yet another benefit to his patients. Very often, in order to create the most aesthetically attractive lines in the body, it is beneficial to add fat to low points in addition to removing fat from high points. If this can be of benefit to you, Dr. Cook will explain this during your consultation.

Individualized Solutions for Your Body Contour Needs

Different patients have different goals and preferences for treatment.

Some patients have several relatively generous zones of excess fat and desire removal in a single surgery. A typical example in a woman might be someone with excess fat in the hips, flanks, abdomen, outer thighs, inner thighs, and knees. A typical example in a man might be excess in the hips, flanks, and abdomen.

These patients are well-served by the efficiency of Vaser® ultrasonic lipoplasty perform at a premium-quality surgicenter near our Chicago office. The surgery will be carried out under a light general anesthetic or under intravenous sedation.  Most patients will recover at home, but is its also possible for them to recover at a luxury hotel in the same building as the surgicenter.

Some patients have relatively small zones of fat excess and prefer to avoid any form of anesthesia other than a local anesthetic. These patients will be delighted to find that we can perform their surgery using a laser liposuction technique under local anesthesia in both our Chicago and Winnetka offices. If there are several zones of fat that need to be treated, it is usually possible to schedule two or three laser liposuction procedures with a short time interval between each treatment.

Some patients prefer non-surgical fat reduction. These patients will benefit from SculpSure®, the next generation of non-invasive fat reduction. This technology offers significant fat reduction in a 25 minute treatment with no down time after treatment.  The results are not as powerful that what can be obtained with liposuction, but they are powerful enough to meet many patients’ needs.

Your Path to a Pleasing Body Contour Begins with a Comprehensive Assessment

Our goal at the Whole Beauty® Institute is to provide you with a path to body contour improvement that takes into account your nutritional and exercise patterns, your goals, and the time available for recovery from surgery.

We will analyze the different layers of your body, including bone, muscle, and excess fat and educate you as to the typical outcomes for your body shape.

You will benefit from our extensive experience in advanced techniques of body contour surgery.