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Many of my patients are very athletic.  They keep themselves in great shape with almost daily exercise and excellent nutritional habits.  Even with such good habits, these patients may be frustrated by certain zones of excess fat that refuse to respond to diet and exercise.  In men this is frequently the waist and sometimes the central abdomen.  Some women also have this pattern or may have excess accumulation in the hips and the inner and outer thighs.

These are all classic zones that respond well to various forms of liposuction, including classical lipoplasty and ultrasonic liposuction with the vaser® device.  In the past one of the major stumbling blocks for athletes who desire these procedures was the relatively long period after treatment where they would have to wear an elastic garment and avoid heavy exercise.  This period of time could often be as long as 6 weeks.

Laser lipoplasty, also referred to as laser liposuction, has made a big difference for my athletic patients.  I make use of the Slimlipo® device, which employs two different wavelengths of light energy, one to melt fat and the other to tighten connective tissue.

Athletes love the fact that this procedure can be done in my offices in Chicago and Winnetka under a local anesthetic technique. Most of our patients can dispense with their supportive garments in two weeks and they are able to return to exercise much more quickly than in the past.  These are important factors for athletes who do not want to get off their training schedule for long periods of time.

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