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In this issue of BeautyGoals we focused on providing answers and information to many questions we receive about Morpheus 8 for Face and Body, BBL Hero, BodyTite and FaceTite.

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All the Benefits of Morpheus 8 Now Available
for Body Tightening and Fat Reduction

Morpheus 8 combines microneedling and RF to deliver the thermal energy of radio-frequency waves to deeper layers of the skin and tissue with adjustable microneedles. This combination reaches both the dermis and epidermis for maximum results.

This treatment remodels and simulates the production of collagen in the subdermal layers of the skin, as well as targeting fat layers. The modular tips of Morpheus 8 allows for customized application to large or small areas of the body. Patients should expect little to no thermal damage and can be used on a full range of skin tones and complexions.

A major breakthrough in IPL technology is here
for our patients at WBI

HERO stands for high energy, rapid output. What this means to our patients is that the same wonderful results that they have experienced with IPL/BBL can now be obtained faster and with greater comfort. BBL™ HERO even works on tanned skin, so it can be a year-round treatment!

BBL™ HERO removes brown and red spots on the skin that result from sun exposure and the aging process. It also changes the behavior of the skin’s own natural regeneration process, so that it functions more like youthful skin. The same benefits that patients have experienced on their face and neck can be extended to the entire body with speed and comfort.

BBL™ HERO works great for: brown pigment, red pigment, acne, hair reduction, and skin rejuvenation.

Melt Fat and Tighten Skin in a Single Treatment

Dr. Cook was the first surgeon in the Midwest to work with this revolutionary technology. BodyTite avoids one of the key problems that is frequently encountered with liposuction: fat is removed, but the skin is left looser. BodyTite tightens the skin and deeper tissue. BodyTite can also be used to melt the fat under the loose skin or it can be combined with other melting technologies, such as laser liposuction.

Patients who undergo BodyTite under local anesthesia have a very short and easy recovery. Most patients schedule one or two quiet days after treatment.

Powerful Tightening of the Jaw Border and Neck

The FaceTite technology provides powerful tightening of the lower face, including the jaw border and the neck without the need for surgical incisions. It is not as powerful as a surgical face lift, but in our experience it produces consistent and impressive results that exceed the results of other methods of non-invasive and minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation.

Learn more about how FaceTite works and when it’s a good choice based upon your goals.