Dr. John Q. Cook, the founder, and director of the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka has performed a variety of liposuction techniques under local anesthesia for many years. Current techniques that we perform under local include classical liposuction, Vaser® liposuction, SmartLipo®, and SlimLipo® laser liposuction, SAFElipo, and BodyTite®. Read more about what we have learned from the hundreds of happy patients that we have treated with local anesthesia techniques.


Read about the most common questions that we hear from our patients about Votiva, an advanced treatment that addresses both internal and external vaginal issues.

Improve skin surface and reduce brown patches with Moxi

The MOXI laser can be a perfect solution for early skin aging. It’s a quick treatment that provides minimal downtime and can be used on all skin types.

A treatment can take as little as 10 minutes and can be adjusted in intensity to reach each person’s goals. Our clinicians think of MOXI as a “baby HALO”—our favorite laser that addresses more powerful signs of aging. MOXI is perfect for the person who is not ready for a HALO treatment and who may be seeking “prejuvenation.”

A series of MOXI treatments will soften early fine lines, improve skin surface texture, and make pores less visible. We often recommend a combined BBL HERO or BBL treatment paired with MOXI for maximum skin rejuvenation.

Natural Feeling Breast Implants

Many patients wonder if it is possible to have natural feeling breasts after breast augmentation. They may think that placing an implant under the breast automatically makes the breast feel fake or hard. Fortunately, improvements to breast augmentation procedures, as well as refinements to the actual breast implants, have dramatically enhanced the look and feel of augmented breasts. These medical advancements, coupled with Dr. Cook’s expertise and experience in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction, can give you breasts that feel natural and look beautiful.

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