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HealthGems™ has a different focus than the general practice blog, which concerns itself with issues pertaining to plastic surgery procedures and medical aesthetics.

Those who know me well realize that I have a rambling and varied curiosity, which manifests itself in mostly benign ways. I have decided to put this to use for my patients, doctors, friends, and other interested people in a blog that appears on a regular basis within my practice website’s blog section.

In HealthGems™ I cast my net widely in the vast sea of medical information that flows across the media on a daily basis and attempt to find the occasional gem that is mixed in with seaweed, old shoes, and discarded plastic cups, so to speak. I do this in three select areas that interest me and that I hope will interest you.

The first area is that of long term health and well-being. I have been privileged to learn from my patients how certain patterns of behavior and activity can pay tremendous dividends in terms of adding years of quality life. An increasing body of medical evidence is available to support these observations, so I will share with you when I find something truly pertinent in the medical literature.

The second area is the latest knowledge about plastic surgery, as it is delivered in plastic surgery journals and meetings. My goal here is to provide a convenient summary of the latest in plastic surgery research that is (as much as possible) devoid of jargon, so that it will be accessible to the general public. There is a huge amount of information, so I will be very selective. My focus will be on information that helps patients make informed decisions.

The third area is a summary of useful information that is fed to me from pubmed.gov and other sources about medical topics that I find particularly exciting but for some reason are not widely appreciated.

To whet your appetite you can connect to valuable HealthGems™ that help you to find good sources of potassium in your diet. This is important, since increasing potassium helps to lower sodium and thereby lowers blood pressure.

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Please share with me your comments, additional knowledge, and suggestions for future HealthGems™.

John Q. Cook, MD