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Although spring weather might be appearing in Chicago a little late this year, preparing for the change in seasons will give you peace of mind as warmer weather approaches. It’s time to start putting away your bulky sweaters and pulling out your tank tops and it might also be the right occasion to start spring cleaning after the chaos of winter subsides.

The start of spring also means that your skin will undergo some changes. Instead of feeling dry and requiring extra moisture to counteract harsh winter winds, your skin will produce more oils thanks to an increase in the outside temperature.

Warmer weather will help nourish your skin, but it will also risk clogging your pores. To maintain consistency in your skin, prepping your skin care routine for the oncoming season should make the transition much smoother.

At Whole Beauty® Institute, Dr. John Q. Cook and the Whole Beauty® team work with patients to develop healthy and active skin care regimens throughout the year. Choosing the right products, using the proper techniques, and receiving the most effective treatments will ensure that your skin stays firm and smooth all year long.

Restoring Your Skin with Oxygen Facials

facial-treatmentThe winter months have likely made your skin more prone to dryness, which can leave your skin feeling rough and looking dull. Even if you made use of hydrating products and received regular facial treatments, your skin still dries out quicker in colder weather.

Many of the treatments currently available provide a gradual improvement to the skin through increased hydration, and while subtle treatments are beneficial, so are procedures that provide immediate results. Dr. Cook often recommends oxygen facials, which replenish skin volume and hydration in a noticeable way.

Using hyperbaric oxygen, our skilled clinicians provide an array of nutrients to the skin, including hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants. The combination of ingredients provides immediate improvement to the skin and is visible once the procedure is complete; however, the oxygen facial will continue to enhance the skin over the next several days.

Dr. Cook generally advises six weekly treatments with refreshers every four to six weeks.  With a regular regimen of oxygen facials, your skin will maintain a healthy tone and texture all through spring.

Peeling Away Your Skin’s Imperfections

Cold winter temperatures cause the blood vessels under the skin to contract, so there is less circulation to the skin. This decrease in your body’s natural supply system will lead to a low skin cell turnover during the winter, which is one reason why fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation become more prominent.

Moisture-inducing products during the winter will help your skin retain its healthy complexion, but as you move into spring, treatment that aids in the removal of dead or damaged skin cells will expedite your skin’s improvement.


Before and after of TCA peel specifically for the under eye area.

A highly efficient method is chemical peels, which many patients choose to undergo as part of “spring cleaning” for their skin. One purpose of a chemical peel is to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated during the winter.

Several chemical peels are available, and are customized to the character and the texture of your skin.  If you are receiving a chemical peel for the first time, a gentler peel with milder ingredients will provide the best results. As you familiarize yourself with the peel process and continue to receive treatment, you can undergo more aggressive chemical peels to enhance your skin.

Dr. Cook offers specific peels for pigmented, dehydrated, dull and stressed skin. During a consultation with a skin care specialist, you can learn more about the best peel for your skin.

For an accelerated way to brighter, rejuvenated skin, you may also benefit from microdermabrasion, which gently removes imperfections on the skin’s surface. The abrasive technique induces collagen and elastin, which improve the tone of the skin.

Spring-Specific Skin Products

The treatments that we offer at The Whole Beauty® Institute will help bring your skin back to optimum condition in time for spring.  A consistent regiment of our medical-grade products will help you maintain your results.

During the winter, it’s essential to use protective products to help your skin retain moisture. Your skin needs to remain hydrated to prevent dull, flaky or cracked skin from forming. In the spring, however, your skin will respond to the warmer temperatures by sweating and will produce oils that naturally moisturize the skin. With an abundance of oils, your pores may clog, so it is important to carefully calibrate your use of skin products.


Our Hydrating Peptide Serum, Ultra Rich Foaming Facial Cleanser, and Super C and Ferulic Serum.

To ensure that your skin doesn’t absorb too many oils, it’s best to put heavier moisturizers away until winter’s next appearance.  Our team will suggest cleansers and moisturizers that are appropriate to the season. Increasing your exfoliation will also eliminate dead skin cells and allow your skin to rejuvenate itself naturally.

The products you use also are determined by your specific skin type. Regardless of the seasonal changes, dry skin will require more moisture than sensitive skin, for instance. Consulting with the Whole Beauty® team will help you find the ideal regimen for your skin type so that you’re working with your skin’s natural properties and protecting it against the environment’s free radicals.

One product that should be in everyone’s skin care arsenal is sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater. Even in the winter, the sun’s UVA/UVB rays can penetrate the surface of the skin and lead to age spots, fine lines and deeper wrinkles over time. No matter the time of year, applying sunscreen generously will keep your skin healthy and smooth for years.

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