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Non-Surgical Option: Skin Tightening with Advanced Chemical Peels and Medical-Grade Products

Our team at the Whole Beauty® Institute has an advanced portfolio of chemical peels and medical-grade skin products that will tighten the facial skin over time in a gentle way.

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The Whole Beauty® Skincare Collection includes a variety of medical-grade products for your skin.

We believe that a foundation of medical-grade skin products is key to any long-term program of facial rejuvenation.  We can offer each patient a customized combination of products that will freshen the skin and prepare the way for more advanced treatments, if necessary.  Over time patients notice a significant improvement in skin tone and quality.

Our skilled aesthetics team can also provide custom chemical peels that address a variety of skin conditions. In addition to their other benefits, these peels will help to tighten the skin, although the effect is not as powerful as the other options we have discussed.

Patients appreciate the effects that are provided by these non-surgical solutions.

Best Candidates

Patient receiving peel treatment at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Patient receiving peel treatment at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

There is a chemical peel for every condition and skin type, whether it be fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, or uneven texture and tone.  Our aesthetics team can provide a detailed facial analysis and help you select a peel that is best for your condition.  Often our peels are combined with other treatments at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

From the standpoint of skin tightening, chemical peels provide a mild benefit, but many of our patients appreciate their gentle nature and ability to keep the skin refreshed.

What to Expect

We offer a wide variety of chemical peels and medical-grade products at our Chicago and Winnetka offices.  The treatment experience varies with the type of peel you select. Side effects may include a sense of warmth and a mild discomfort, which we are able to control for you.

Following your peel, you may experience some irritation and redness that looks like a mild sunburn, which typically subsides after a few hours.  Side effects from our most powerful peels may include some flaking of the skin, which lasts from several days to a week.

A chemical peel is a great way to restore your skin’s function in a short amount of time.

Recovery Time

Except for the most powerful chemical peels, healing from a peel typically lasts from less than a day to several days.  During the healing process, redness and irritation will subside.

Our team will be able to provide more detailed information about recovery that is related to the specific peel that you select.

Your treatment plan will be designed around your skin’s condition.  The number of treatments you need will be determined by your specific needs.

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