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Restore, Replenish and Rejuvenate Your Skin with Just One Product: WBR3

Designed by Dr. Cook and the Whole Beauty® Institute, WBR3™ is an advanced anti-aging skincare product suitable for all skin types to restore and improve the overall health and function of your skin.

WBR3™ is a revolutionary advancement in skincare to help you achieve a more beautiful, luminous complexion.

What is WBR3™?

The most important component of healthy skin is proper hydration. Skin that has enough water content appears plump, clear and fresh, while dehydrated skin tends to appear flaky, thin and prone to blemishes. Hydrated skin is not to be confused with oily skin.

WBR3™ addresses the three R’s of skincare related to hydration, as defined by Dr. Cook: restoration, replenishment and rejuvenation.


water-in-pool-1A component of keeping skin hydrated is to ensure that your water intake is significant. However, many of us will still suffer from skin that lacks life and luster. As we age, the protein, aquaporin 3, that carries water from our bodies up to the outer layers of dermis begins to diminish and it is more difficult for our bodies to supply an adequate amount of water to the skin.

To reverse this process and encourage the production of aquaporin 3 in the skin, WBR3™ was developed with acetyl hexapeptide-37 as its primary active ingredient, which has proven to increase the water content of the skin by 131 % over the span of 8 hours.


Skin’s Protective BarrierOne of the components of WBR3™ is a formulation of lipids that mimics the natural layer of fats which acts as a barrier on the skin’s surface to maintain water levels in the skin. This barrier prevents water’s evaporation and is what keeps skin looking youthful and taut. One of the effects of aging is the deterioration or weakening of this layer, allowing the skin to become dry and damaged.

While many skincare products introduce oil-based substances to mirror this lipid layer, WBR3™ uses a Swiss-made lipid formula that is more similar to your skin’s natural layer. This will give you results that keep your skin hydrated without leaving a greasy residue or shiny film on your skin. Hydration never looked or felt so good.


what-is-WBR3-300x200The WBR3™ component that truly sets it apart from similar products is its use of vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic (a plant-based substance) as anti-oxidants in replacement of retinoids. Often skincare products use retinoids to restore the skin’s structure and youthful glow, but many skin types are sensitive to retinoids and react with dryness or redness rather than the desired fresh glow. We designed a product that contains a gentler formula that provides improved results and even promotes collagen production.

WBR3™ is truly an all-in-one anti-aging skincare product to restore, replenish and rejuvenate the skin.

To learn more about how this product can improve your skin any time of year, or to try it for yourself, call the Whole Beauty Institute today! (372)751-2772.