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Winter weather is making its way toward Chicago, which means that high winds and piercing temperatures will soon be upon us. Everyday tasks become more difficult in winter weather; driving, running errands, and exercising all seem to challenge your motivation when temperatures drop. Even your skincare routine can begin to suffer at the expense of biting weather.

Many of the patients who come into Whole Beauty® Institute are surprised to learn that the skincare routine they used throughout the spring and summer does not provide the same benefits in the fall and winter. It can actually be quite harmful to your skin to use the same products year­-round.

Dr. John Q. Cook suggests switching up the skin care products you use to better accommodate the wintery climate. Rather than tolerate dry and cracked skin these upcoming months, winterizing your skin can provide you with much-needed moisture and prepare you for warmer seasons later on.

Your Skin and Winter: A Love-Hate Relationship

Just as the summer heat can produce excess oils and clog pores, winter climates are drying and can cause the skin to flake, crack, or even bleed. In colder weather, it’s vital that you protect your skin with moisturizers to keep it strong and smooth. This includes other areas of your body as well, such as your hands, lips, eyes, and ears.

Winter months can be particularly trying due to the lack of humidity in the air. With dry air, it is harder for your skin to retain its natural moisture. Dry air is also present in heaters, which are usually blazing through our homes this time of year. Without proper hydration, your skin will take on a dull and pale complexion, leaving you in anticipation of the return of your summer glow.

Warm weather may be harmful, but at least it works with your skin to keep it hydrated; in the winter, you will need to be diligent about moisturizing your skin more frequently. Doing so will ensure that your skin remains healthy once summer weather draws near.

Preparing Your Skin for Winter

The type of products you add to your skincare routine will depend on your skin type. Oily, dry, and in-between skin types will all need to retain moisture in the winter, but they will require different mixes of ingredients such as Niacinamide and Ceramides to maintain a protective barrier without clogging pores.

haut_barriere_gbDr. Cook recommends the use of Ceramides along with a hyaluronic acid serum. These products work together by aiding in barrier repair function while helping prevent moisture loss.

Ceramides are fatty molecules that form part of the skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss. As we age our ceramides decline, which partly accounts for the fact that older skin loses moisture easier than young skin. Certain skin care treatments such as lasers and peels also diminish ceramides. We prefer to restore the skin’s protection with products that contain ceramides, rather than the more common strategy of using petroleum-based compounds or glycerin, which tend to clog the pores.

facial-cleansers-trioOne of the most important changes you can make to your skincare is to change the face wash you use. During the summertime, many individuals will use an exfoliating cleanser like WBI Ultra Rich Cleanser, which incorporates the use of hydroxy acids for exfoliation. This helps remove makeup, oils, and dead skin cells from the face, which can be helpful in warmer climates. In the winter, however, these same cleansers may dry out the skin and leave it feeling deprived of moisture. By swapping out your face wash for a calming cleanser, you’ll help your skin retain more moisture.

Using these specifically designed cleansing products that do not contain soap will keep your skin from drying out. As soon as you step out of the shower, you should apply a hydrator, like WBI Hydrating Peptide Serum, and a moisturizer, like WBI Maximum Recovery Complex to help seal in that moisture.

Another crucial aspect of winter skincare that people tend to overlook is the use of sunscreen. It’s typical for us to associate sunscreen with summer, but UV rays can be equally damaging in the winter. Colder climates don’t diminish the sun’s penetration, and sun damage is intensified if light is reflected off the snow. For this reason, we suggest that you apply the same amount of sunscreen to your skin as you would in the summer. We recommend a minimum of SPF 40. WBI Sunscreen incorporates anti-oxidants as well as physical UVA and UVB blockers, for an overall anti-aging regimen.

To combat the dry heat from furnaces, you can place several humidifiers throughout your home or office. The added moisture will balance out the heat and give your skin the hydration it needs. Additional steps you can take are wearing gloves and bundling your body to protect it from the cold air. Although it seems natural to stay warm during the winter, it’s especially important for the sake of your skin.

What Products Can You Use?


Our 3-in-1 advanced skin rejuvenation formula WBR3

Numerous products on the market claim to repair your skin and keep it moisturized, but not all skincare solutions are created equal. Dr. Cook believes that taking care of the skin is one of the most important measures you can take to appear younger, feel healthier, and look beautiful.

Dr. Cook has developed a skincare collection that contains advanced medical-grade ingredients and fits right into your lifestyle. He believes that the products you use should be tailored to your specific needs and allow for adjustment with different seasons. Our team will work with you to determine which products from the Whole Beauty® Skin Care Collection are best suited for your skin.

Products like The Intensive Moisture Daily Facial Moisturizer and antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 30 will help your skin retain the moisture it needs while the Hydrating Peptide Serum and WBR3 will boost collagen production and help repair skin that has been damaged by colder weather. He has also designed the Ultra Rich Foaming Cleanser whose dual action exfoliates the skin while preventing moisture loss.

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Your specific skin care regimen is unique to you, and Dr. Cook and the rest of the Whole Beauty® team can help you choose the products that will keep your skin healthy this winter. For more information about the products we offer contact The Whole Beauty® Institute at (312) 751-2112 and schedule a consultation.

You can also visit our Whole Beauty Skincare website and purchase our products online.