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Facelift Under Local Anesthesia

Dr. John Q. Cook’s surgical approach allows most patients to have a facelift under local anesthesia for a more comfortable and positive patient experience.

Plastic Surgery Under Local Anesthesia

While general anesthesia is highly effective to suppress sensation during surgical procedures, it unfortunately comes with some side effects and drawbacks that can discourage prospective patients from pursuing their procedure of choice.

The benefits of local anesthesia for cosmetic surgery bypass these drawbacks. Dr. John Q. Cook has refined this advanced approach to cosmetic surgery at Chicago’s Whole Beauty® Institute for many surgical procedures including facelift.

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Why Dr. John Q. Cook Is the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Face Lift


Dr. Cook has extensive experience having performed several thousand facelift procedures in his career and has combined fat transfer with structural lifting for over 25 years.


Dr. Cook’s technique to facelift surgery addresses the four key areas of facial rejuvenation: structure, volume, expression, and surface.


Dr. Cook’s surgical approach allows most patients to have a facelift under local anesthesia. He has lectured at national and international meetings about this technique.


Dr. Cook’s surgical philosophy is rooted in naturalism: facelift surgery should make you look more like you, rather than like someone else.

Before & After Photos

Visit our photo gallery to view before and after images of breast lift surgery performed by Dr. John Q. Cook.

Facelift Before and After by Dr. John Q. Cook

Facelift Before and After by Dr. John Q. Cook