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Our Practice is Dedicated to Providing Patients with the Highest Quality of Service

Patients of Whole Beauty® Institute appreciate our naturalistic philosophy that is aligned with Chicago plastic surgeon John Q. Cook’s core values. Our practice adheres to these principles across the continuum of care that we provide at our convenient plastic surgery centers in Winnetka and Chicago, from advanced surgical procedures at a state-of-the-art surgicenter or at Rush University Medical Center to quick recovery procedures performed under local anesthesia in the office setting to carefully designed treatments in a Medi-Spa setting. Dr. Cook’s in-depth experience enables him to focus on the nuances and subtleties of strategy so that he can offer each patient a range of choices that suit his or her individual goals and ability to take time off from busy personal or professional schedules.

Surgical Procedures

Dr. Cook has a diverse repertoire of techniques that allow him to provide individualized solutions for each patient. In his twenty years at Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Cook has developed a strong reputation for his innovative approaches to the challenges of breast reconstruction surgery. He brings this extensive experience to all patients who come to him for plastic surgery of the breast, whether aesthetic or reconstructive.

Body form or body contour surgery, as practiced by Dr. Cook, is rooted in careful study of the logic of body line and body balance. This field of surgery includes the latest techniques of VASER® ultrasonic and classical techniques of lipoplasty (liposuction) as well as advanced techniques of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Dr. Cook’s approach to body contour surgery includes a careful review of each patient’s habit patterns of nutrition and exercise, so that surgery is part of a stable tripod that will support a long-term result. Dr. Cook’s artistic eye and judgment produce results that adhere to the highest aesthetic standards.

Non-Surgical Procedures

At Whole Beauty® Institute plastic surgery centers in Chicago and Winnetka, Dr. Cook extends the range of possibilities for his patients with a carefully selected portfolio of advanced medical aesthetic procedures. These include Botox®, fillers such as Dysport®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm®, and Radiesse®, the most advanced techniques of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for treatment of uneven skin color, the latest Starlux® technology for permanent hair reduction and fractional resurfacing for reduction of fine surface lines. We also offer Silk Peel® Dermalinfusion, an extensive portfolio of medical grade peels, and a selection of high grade medical products including our own line of Whole Beauty® Institute products and Environ®.

Patients who come to Whole Beauty® Institute benefit from Dr. Cook’s experience, artistic sensibilities, and healthy skepticism. They know that Dr. Cook has selected from what rightly appears to the patient as a confusing and always growing array of products and services. As in the surgical end of the practice, Dr. Cook’s experience is the patient’s best ally, “Chemical peels, Lasers, Pulsed Light, and injectables are ways to help my patients and to extend to the value that I can offer them.” Dr. Cook traveled to Europe in order to evaluate a range of products and therapies that were not yet available in the United States. This emphasis on in-depth evaluation of potential new products and services extends to the present day at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Competing technologies and products are carefully tested and scrutinized by our clinicians before we offer them to our patients. Inclusion of a product or technology in our portfolio of services is considered a prize by the companies that developed these products, since they know that our selection process is extremely rigorous. We are particularly proud of the list of procedures that we have not offered our patients over the years, as this list includes a number of spectacular disappointments. Success in medical skin enhancement comes when the best available product is selected and delivered by a highly skilled clinician with an eye to natural form. This is the key to our approach and has allowed us to develop a reputation that sets the industry standard.

Dr. Cook has selected a team of leadership level clinicians who share his passion for excellence and his commitment to the highest level of care and service. John Q. Cook, M.D. and his exceptional team of caregivers at Whole Beauty® Institute plastic surgery centers are committed to enhancing or restoring your natural beauty with results that do not appear surgical.

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