Minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation has improved significantly with the introduction of the FaceTite® system. Dr. John Q. Cook is pleased that the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka was selected as one of the first practices in the United States to use this revolutionary technology.

Dr. Cook performing FaceTite®

Dr. Cook performing FaceTite® procedure on a patient.

FaceTite® allows the surgeon to tighten facial structures through tiny needle pricks in the skin that are hidden in inconspicuous locations. As we have worked with the FaceTite® system we have come to appreciate a number of significant advantages that it provides:

1. Powerful

We find that the degree of tightening of loose skin, particularly in the jaw border and neck, is more powerful that what we have seen with other non-invasive and minimally invasive skin tightening systems.

2. Protects Fat and Deeper Structures

The energy that is generated by FaceTite® flows between the tips of two probes, one just under the skin, and one on top of the skin. The surgeon glides the probes back and forth across the area of treatment. The energy tightens the skin and does not disperse to deeper structures. This means that collateral damage to fat and other delicate structures are minimized.

3. Safety Is Designed into the System

There are 3 specific feedback systems that prevent over-treatment of a given area. These are continuously monitored and stop the energy once certain thresholds are reached. This provides a high level of safety.

4. Easily Tolerated Under Local Anesthesia

We make it easy for our patients to undergo FaceTite® due to our extensive experience with all forms of facial rejuvenation surgery under local anesthesia.

5. Tiny Points of Entry

The small diameter of the FaceTite® probes means that they can be introduced under the skin through tiny openings in the skin that are virtually undetectable after a few days.

6. Synergistic with other Minimally-Invasive Techniques

We often combine FaceTite® with fat transfer, Fractora® radio-frequency wrinkle reduction, and minimally-invasive cheek lifting to provide a significant rejuvenation of the face with quick recovery and minimal signs that a procedure has been performed.

7. Customizable

We can customize the treatment to focus on particular areas that are of concern. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of treatment.

8. Easy Recovery

Although FaceTite® is not as powerful as a true surgical lifting, it does provide for the right patient a significant rejuvenation with an easy recovery. This is particularly useful for busy people, who may not have the time to recover from a surgical lift.

FaceTite@ before and after - 2 months

FaceTite@ before and after – 2 months

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