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Laser Lipoplasty

The next great advance in surgical fat removal is laser lipoplasty.  There are two main technologies that can be used in this regard.  One is known as Smart lipo® and is manufactured by the Cynosure Corporation and the other is known as Slim lipo® and is manufactured by the Palomar Corporation.  To learn how this new technology can benefit you, call for an appointment at either our Chicago office or our Winnetka office.

Advantages of Laser Lipoplasty

The most important factors that lead to success with liposuction are the skill, credentials, and experience of the surgeon who performs the procedure.  That said laser liposuction has several advantages: the ability to be done under local anesthesia, significant tightening of the treated zones, smaller incisions, and a quick recovery period.  Consultations on the advantages of Laser Liposuction are made by appointment in our offices in Chicago and Winnetka.