How You can get the Most out of the Latest Generation in Fat Reduction

As summer approaches you have probably increased your exercise routine and paid careful attention to your diet in order to lose the few pounds that you put on over winter.

Some of us experience a frustrating plateau even with the extra efforts we put in. It seems that there is an initial reduction of fat, but then it is difficult to obtain a further change. This is where SculpSure, the latest generation in non-invasive fat reduction, can be of help. That last remaining area of fullness in the abdomen and waist area is one of the best areas for treatment with SculpSure, particularly in men and women who are otherwise trim and athletic.

The Whole Beauty® Institute: First in the Midwest with SculpSure

First in the Midwest with SculpSureOur team at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka was the first in the Midwest to work with this revolutionary technology. Patients who come to us for evaluation and treatment benefit from our extensive experience with a wide range of body types. We have analyzed the data from our initial treatments to further refine our approach with the goal of obtaining the highest possible percentage of satisfied patients.

Here is what we have learned:

1. The waist is the best area for treatment.

The SculpSure technology is most effective in the abdomen, flanks, and hips, particularly if the person is fairly trim and has good skin tone.

2. Don’t substitute SculpSure for good personal habits.

Like other body contour treatments, SculpSure helps people build on a foundation of good nutrition and frequent exercise. People who try to use a treatment as a shortcut will be disappointed.

3. Patients can get good results in the triceps and outer thigh areas, but only if there are excellent skin tone.

If the skin in these areas is loose, we do not recommend treatment, as there is too great a chance of disappointment. Occasionally there will be someone who gets a great result in these areas despite reduced skin tone. At present we have no way of knowing who these surprise winners will be.

4. Other than mild discomfort, we have seen no side effects from this treatment.

There have been reports of neurological symptoms and paradoxical fat growth with other fat-melting technologies, but to date we have not seen a single example of this with SculpSure.

5. The thickness of fat in the area of treatment is a more important predictor of success than overall BMI.

In general, the success of any fat reducing technology is reduced in people with high BMI’s. An even more important predictor is the amount of fat that can be pinched in the treatment area. If the fat is too thick, the improvement will be modest even if the overall BMI is low.


SculpSure Patient Before and After Photos


6. Two is the magic number for success with SculpSure.

The probability of a successful outcome with SculpSure is dramatically increased if you plan for two treatments rather than one. For this reason we now schedule all new patient for two treatments.

7. About 10 percent of patients will have a result that is less than expected.

This is similar to reports with other fat melting technologies. We are looking at our data to see if there is a way to predict who these people will be.

The Benefits of SculpSure at the Whole Beauty® Insitute

The team at the Whole Beauty® Institute is led by Dr. John Q. Cook, one of Chicago’s leading aesthetic plastic surgeons. We are able to offer our patients a spectrum of options to improve body contour. Our treatment portfolio includes the complete range of liposuction techniques, including classical liposuction, Vaser ultrasonic liposuction, and laser liposuction. For patients with looser skin we offer BodyTite and surgical removal of excess skin with techniques such as abdominoplasty. We feature an individualized evaluation of each patient, so that we can select the treatment option that best suits his or her needs.

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