The Misunderstood Brow Lift

The brow lift is one of the best operations in plastic surgery.  When performed in a skillful manner, this procedure restores the pleasing contours that frame the upper eyelid in an attractive vital face.  It also relaxes the forehead muscles and restores a sense of relaxation to the upper portion of the face.

I wish I could rename the operation.  There is something about the term “brow lift” that brings to mind a certain type of face that carries a look of perpetual surprise.  When the brows are pulled too high the effect can be quite disconcerting.  This is entirely unnecessary and counterproductive.

The brow lift properly performed is really about brow support.  As most people age, the outer portion of the brow descends in a manner that the beautiful contours of the upper eyelid are obscured.  Also the eye looks smaller, and there is often a look of anger or tiredness when the outer part of the brow sits in a low position.  The brow lift surgery should simply bring the brow back to a position where it no longer overhangs the upper lid.  The brow is stabilized and supported in a natural relaxed position.

When this is accomplished there is a wonderful additional benefit.  The forehead muscles can now relax, since it is no longer necessary for them to work overtime just to keep the brow from crowding the upper eyelid.  The horizontal creases that have developed from years of overwork of the brow elevator muscles begin to soften.  This in turn provides the patient with a sense of relaxation and well-being.

A well-done brow lift should never look over-pulled.  It should make the face look vital, calm, and rested.