It can be challenging to lose extra fat around the midsection. For many people, this region is their least favorite body area. Even when diet and exercise are successful, loose skin can remain, creating a flabby look. Though not a substitute for weight loss and a healthy, balanced lifestyle, a tummy tuck from our Chicago Whole Beauty® Institute—led by Dr. John Q. Cook—can be an ideal way to achieve a flatter, sleeker abdomen. Here are five advantages of this elective surgery that you should know about:

1. It Reduces Stubborn Fat

Due to genetics, their natural body type, or hormones, numerous women and men are stuck with a soft, rounded belly no matter what they do. Even after losing all-over body weight, stomach fat may remain. A tummy tuck allows Dr. Cook to remove this stubborn, isolated fat for good to sculpt more balanced body contours.

2. It Tightens Stretched Skin

Loose skin that has stretched over time due to weight gain or pregnancy may not easily retract after weight loss or birth. In fact, it may not retract at all. Aging also makes it difficult for weakened skin to snap back to its original shape. Those who have been pregnant or recently and rapidly lost a significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery may find that they are left with significantly stretched-out skin on the abdomen that only a tummy tuck can fix. Dr. Cook can remove the excess tissue and re-drape the remaining skin for a flatter look.

3. It Can Motivate You to Exercise

Many patients report not only feeling more confident after their surgery, but also that having stronger muscles and less skin getting in the way makes workouts easier.

4. It Corrects Postpartum Belly

After having a baby, many women experience a condition called diastasis recti, often nicknamed “postpartum pooch” or “mummy tummy.” This happens when the six-pack muscles and connective tissues are distended to accommodate the growing baby and the muscles separate, forming a protruding belly bulge that remains even after you lose weight. A tummy tuck strengthens the core and repairs the abdominal wall, which can also help formerly overweight patients who have the same problem.

5. It Can Give You Better Posture

Tummy tucks help the damaged or weakened spine-supporting core muscles on the front and back of the body. This can make your posture better when you’re sitting and standing, which, in turn, can reduce lower back pain.

Have questions about the benefits of a tummy tuck? The Whole Beauty® Institute team would be happy to provide answers. To request a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon John Q. Cook, call 312-751-2112 (Chicago Gold Coast Office), 847-446-7562 (North Shore (Winnetka) Office), or fill out a contact form.