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We are diligent in our search for medical technologies that will truly benefit our patients. Recent developments in radiofrequency-based equipment led us to develop protocols in three separate areas:  skin tightening, skin resurfacing, and non-invasive fat reduction.

The technology supplied by the Invasix® company allows for a very precise control of the depth and intensity of the radiofrequency energy that we deliver.

We have been very pleased with the consistency and quality of skin tightening that we can obtain for our patients with mild to moderate degrees of looseness of skin in the face, neck, upper abdomen, and knees. We make use of the Fractora Firm technology and have developed a treatment protocol around this.

Fractora Firm Results

Fractora Firm Results

Patients who have facial wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the mouth, have for years been forced to accept a prolonged recovery period and possible changes in skin pigment quality in order to obtain a sufficiently powerful result. Now with the Fractora™ technology a significant improvement can be obtained with a much shorter recovery period.

Fractora Results

Fractora Results

We are also working with advanced bipolar radio-frequency technology that allows for fat reduction with a tightening of the overlying skin.

Our Team Will Help You to Determine if These Treatments
Will Be of Benefit to You

We pride ourselves in proper patient selection. We will not offer a treatment to a patient unless we feel there is a high probability of success and a low probability of disappointment. Proper patient selection has led to the high degree of satisfaction experienced by patients at the Whole Beauty® Institute who have been treated with these new methods.