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Your Consultation Experience

The Breast Surgery Consultation Experience with Dr. John Q. Cook
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John Q. Cook, M.D.

Chicago 312-751-2112
Winnetka 847-446-7562

At the Whole Beauty Institute we offer all of our patients a concierge level of attention and care. We know that your time is valuable and that your decision to visit us for consultation is the product of careful research.

In return, we offer you an in-depth consultation that allows us to understand your goals, your aesthetic sensibility, and your lifestyle, all of which influence our recommendations for breast surgery.

Dr. Cook does not believe that a new patient consultation should begin in an exam room. Patients first meet Dr. Cook in his private office, where he will discuss in detail your goals, medical history, patterns of activity, nutrition and exercise preferences.

The consultation then moves to the exam room, where Dr. Cook will take extensive measurements of your breasts and perform a detailed artistic analysis. Next, Dr. Cook or a team member will obtain digital images of your breasts. At this point, we use two different visual aids to help you understand your possibilities. First is direct observation in the mirror, which allows for Dr. Cook to point out aspects of your breast structure. Second is a view on the exam room screen of the images of your breasts that we have just obtained with digital photography. This is an advanced touch-screen system, which allows Dr. Cook to draw on the digital images of your breasts and explain the nuances of your plan.

If your surgery involves implants, the next step involves custom sizer implants, which our nurse will help you place inside a stretch bra to demonstrate how your breasts will appear after surgery. These curved sizer implants, which gently cup the breasts, are a significant improvement over the older method of placing standard implants inside a bra. We can also use digital images to allow for 3D simulation of how implants will affect your breasts’ size and shape. Dr. Cook will then provide you with a summary of his recommendations, which will also be sent to you in a follow-up letter.

At this point, you will meet with other team members, who will discuss practical aspects of the surgery, including preparation and recovery. Our patient coordinator will discuss financial details and review possible dates for the surgery, if you are ready to proceed. You will also be able to view a detailed visual database of before and after pictures that pertain to the operation that Dr. Cook has recommended for you.

Several days after your consultation one of our team members will contact you to see if you have any additional questions about the surgery. As you review the information that we have provided you in the days following your consultation, you may come up with further questions. We encourage you to contact us with these questions. Our goal is to be a trusted guide during all aspects of your surgery.