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Visualizing Breast Surgery with Dr. John Q. Cook

Dr. John Q. Cook explains the process of the consultation and preparation before breast surgery.
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John Q. Cook, M.D.

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During the consultation, we will develop a detailed understanding of your goals for the surgery, so that we can provide you with a recommendation that fits your individual needs.

We will make use of several methods to help you visualize the intended result of the surgery.

We Have an Extensive Photographic Database for All Major Breast Operations In Office
Many of our patients have generously allowed us to share their before and after pictures during the consultation process. A small portion of these pictures are visible on this website, but during your consultation you will have access to a much wider range of pictures. We have grouped these pictures in a way that makes it easy to find images of women who have body types similar to your own. You can see the results of different decisions that these patients have made, and this will help you achieve a better sense of the range of options that are available to you.

For Patients Who Are Considering Breast Implants, Anatomical Sizers Are Helpful
Breast sizing has advanced considerably from the days when a patient was given a standard breast implant to place insider her bra and asked if she liked the effect. The problem with this method is that it tends to overestimate the effect of the implant and suggests a greater degree of projection than will occur with an actual implant. Anatomical sizers have a different shape than standard breast implants, so that they more closely approximate the effect that a particular implant will have on your breast.

Three-Dimensional Simulation Can Be Helpful For Patients Who Are Considering Breast Augmentation
With three-dimensional photography, a special image is obtained of your breasts that enables computer software to simulate the effect of various implants on your breasts. The images are not perfect and give only a rough estimate of how a given implant will affect your breasts, but the additional information that this technology provides can be helpful.

Direct Visualization of Your Breasts
During your consultation, we will obtain digital images of your breasts, which you and Dr. Cook will view together in the consultation room. Patients tell us that this allows for a much better understanding of specific details of your breasts’ structure, since the image is not reversed, as in a mirror.

Dr. Cook’s Recommendations Are Based Upon a Carefully-Developed Aesthetic Sensibility
The study of form, proportion, and beauty is central to all activities in the visual arts. Dr. Cook’s lifetime interest in artistic expression benefits his patients who undergo breast surgery, since an artistic sensibility is key to obtaining a result that is natural.