Patients at The Whole Beauty® Institute often ask Dr. Cook whether they should schedule their surgery during warmer or colder months.  His reply is that the best time to undergo a procedure depends more on your personal schedule than the time of the year.  As a general rule, it is best to schedule your surgery when you have the greatest time to recover and you have the least number of personal, social, and business commitments.  All things being equal there are practical advantages to undergoing surgery during the cooler months: late fall, early spring, and especially winter.  This fact is not lost on our patients, and our surgical schedule is busiest from late September through late May.

Why Is Winter the Optimal Season?

Winter is universally known as a time to hunker down and stay warm and comfortable. Some people enjoy engaging in winter sports, while others prefer to remain indoors. Even those who live in southern climates can attest to the chill winter months can bring. It’s the perfect time to bundle up, which also means it’s an excellent opportunity to conceal the swelling and bruising that may occur after surgery.  Except for those who are winter sports enthusiasts, the cooler months are times of reduced outdoor activity.  Especially in Chicago, where we spend much of the year waiting for beautiful weather, this “down time” provides a good time for recovery.

Rest Comes Easier In the Winter

For more significant procedures, limiting your activity during recovery is vital, and the winter season naturally gives you a better opportunity to take part in your required downtime. You might also have additional time off of work or school during this period of the year, which will make it easier for your body to heal properly.

Conceal Your Recovery with Winter Clothing

Bulky sweaters, scarves, and hats make it easy to cover up a facelift, liposuction or laser resurfacing, and it will also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The cold weather might also make you feel more inclined to avoid the sun by staying indoors!

New Year, New You!

Wintertime also provides some wishful thinking as you head into the New Year. What better time to undergo the surgery you’ve always wanted than during the traditional season of self-renewal?

Which Procedures are Best for Winter?

Fall, winter, and early spring are the busiest times for surgery at the Whole Beauty® Institute.  Reduced outdoor activity and lighter personal schedules make it easy for patients to recover from facial surgery, breast surgery, and body contour procedures.

Some of the most popular procedures for winter include:

If you undergo surgery during the winter you will have ample time to heal in preparation for the spring and summer. For example, if you undergo body contour surgery during the winter, you will be able to enjoy your new, slim appearance when swimsuit weather comes around.

What about other Seasons?

The winter may be a good time for some to undergo surgery, but not all. Plenty of people — particularly those who live in cooler climates — enjoy being active during the winter and would prefer not to take time off to recover from cosmetic enhancement.


As the weather grows warmer, you might find that you become motivated to renew yourself and your lifestyle. Plenty of people tackle spring cleaning during this time, while others find it to be a great season to get married or go on vacation. The spring can be ideal for you to receive plastic surgery in preparation for these events and also give you the opportunity to rejuvenate your body after the holiday season.


Our surgical schedule is a little less busy during the summer months, but there are many people who find that summer is the optimum time for surgery.  For some patients, particularly those in the education profession, there may be extensive time off during the summer, which makes it perfect for recovery.  Patients with grade-school-age children who go off to summer camp may find that this period provides an excellent time to recover from surgery.  There are some people who don’t like heat and humidity, which makes summer their indoor season.  In this case, summer may be the best time for recovery.  There is also the practical advantage that it is easier to schedule surgery with Dr. Cook during summer, in comparison to the winter, when the surgery schedule is full many weeks in advance.

The main disadvantages to summer surgery are lost time for outdoor activity during the recovery period and a greater amount of sun exposure, which requires protection with sun block, hats, and protective clothing. If you are considering body contour surgery, you will have to wear elastic support garments for several weeks, and these can be annoying if you are outside in the summer heat.


Autumn is a prime season that allows you to plan ahead before receiving surgery. You can still wear sweaters and scarves to cover up any bruising. For some patients with high school and college age children, there is more free time for recovery. Plus, you will have already maximized your diet and exercise routine during the summer, making you an ideal candidate for surgery.

Learn More about the Best Time to Schedule Your Surgery

The best time of year for elective surgery is best determined by your pattern of free time, weather preference, and activity pattern.  That said, the cooler months are the most popular time for surgery in our practice.

During your consultation we will review in detail what the recovery is like for your particular procedure, so that you can select the time of year that is optimum for you.

For more information about the procedures at The Whole Beauty® Institute, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cook, or call 312-751-2112.