Breast Surgery Requires Artistic Vision

The decision to proceed with plastic surgery is highly personal and needs to be thoroughly researched, carefully considered, and confidently acted upon. Although you may have a strong desire to enhance a particular area of your body, it can be intimidating to actually schedule a consultation.

One reason for apprehension is concern that the surgical result will not be a natural fit for your body. As a patient, your aesthetic goals are sophisticated and deeply rooted in the idea that any enhancement should complement your body, not stand out from it. This is a treatment philosophy that Dr. John Q. Cook shares. He spent years developing and putting into practice his approach to plastic surgery, in particular, breast procedures, that uses artistic visualization to create results that are consistent with your overall body form.

Breast Procedures Should Be As Unique As You

With the growing popularity of breast procedures, some surgeons resort to an assembly line approach to enhancing the breasts. This is unfortunate because breast surgery involves much more than creating incisions, inserting implants, or excising skin. Instead, it is an art form that relies on a surgeon’s creative instinct and a carefully-developed sense of natural form.

breast augmentation before and after | Dr. John Q. Cook

Breast augmentation patient before and after. Click photo to view more.

The goal of any breast procedure should be to create results that look completely natural to the patient. Dr. Cook comes to a clear understanding of your goals through a highly-individualized consultation. His artistic vision leads to surgeries that go far beyond simply making breasts larger, smaller, or more symmetrical. There are complex and subtle variations that should be recognized in each patient so that the plan of surgery is coherent with the patient’s vision and body proportion.

Simply put, every patient is unique, with different aesthetic goals and structural variations that should influence how her breast procedure is performed. Artistry is the key to patient satisfaction.

Put Artistry Into Practice

Structural breast lift

Structural breast lift combined with HLT abdominoplasty. Click photo to view more.

Dr. Cook brings to each patient a sophisticated vision and a portfolio of advanced surgical techniques that allow for individualized expression.

Whether your goal is breast enhancement, breast reduction, or breast lifting, our careful attention to detail and adherence to artistic principles produce breasts that are proportionate and natural.

Dr. Cook has worked diligently to advance the technique of structural breast surgery, which can be applied to a breast lift, breast reduction, and augmentation-mastopexy. This technique restores a compact breast structure and brings volume to the upper portion of the breast with natural breast tissue.

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