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John Q. Cook, M.D.

Chicago 312-751-2112
Winnetka 847-446-7562

Radiesse® Gives You Smooth, Youthful Results

Radiesse® dermal filler incorporates a patented formulation of CaHA microspheres suspended in a gel carrier and is designed to provide satisfying, long-lasting, cost-effective and safe aesthetic benefits for patients. The product’s unique calcium-based microsphere technology, along with the proprietary gel technology, helps to restore volume and promotes the growth of the body’s own collagen, providing lasting, but not permanent, augmentation. At the Whole Beauty® Institute we often make use of Radiesse® for rejuvenation of the hands. As we age the skin of the hands becomes increasingly thin, so that the structures underneath become increasingly visible. Our facial rejuvenation surgery patients often ask us to rejuvenate their hands, so that the hands and face match. We can combine Radiesse® with other treatments such as IPL (intense pulsed light) and medical-grade products to provide comprehensive hand rejuvenation.