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Kybella Is A Permanent Solution for Stubborn Submental (chin) Fat





John Q. Cook, M.D.

Chicago 312-751-2112
Winnetka 847-446-7562

Kybella is new, non-surgical treatment that successfully reduces fat under the chin.

Many patients would like to reduce excess fullness due to fat in this facial zone. The “double chin” can be a stubborn area to correct with diet and exercise alone. Many factors can contribute to fullness in this area, such as a genetic tendency to carry weight in this zone, weight gain, and normal aging.

Kybella at the Whole Beauty® Institute

Patient Photo Before Kybella Treatment and 8 Weeks After Treatment (3 Treatments Total)

Kybella is a FDA-approved treatment for eradicating submental chin fullness. Kybella is an injectable form of deoxycholic acid, a compound that targets and disrupts fatty tissue, causing its permanent destruction. The body then removes the damaged cells, resulting in a more slender neck/chin with better overall contour.

Other Treatment Areas for Kybella

Kybella can also be used to treat the fatty bulge in the arm pit area which often develops from wearing bras and sports bras.

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Treatment with Kybella

Both Dr. Cook and his clinical staff are experienced in administering Kybella. It is delivered via a series of injections to the submental (or chin) compartment. A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the chin/neck prior to treatment to make the treatment more comfortable. Most patients report a mild burning sensation upon administration of Kybella, but find the treatment very tolerable. The total treatment time is roughly 10 minutes.

Ice is applied to the treatment area immediately afterward to help manage any discomfort, and the mild burning typically resolves within 15 minutes. Most people experience a moderate degree of swelling for several days after treatment, which completely resolves within 1-2 weeks. The treatment area will be tender and feel somewhat numb for a few days, with complete resolution in 2-3 weeks’ time.

The ideal waiting period between treatments is between 6-8 weeks, which gives time for complete healing of the area before retreatment. Most people require 2-3 total treatments to achieve their treatment goal.

The Ideal Kybella Patient

The ideal Kybella patient is one who has a mild to moderate degree of submental fullness and good skin tone. Patients who have an overabundance of submental fat would likely require more than 3 treatments, extending the time until the target result is reached, and the expense of the treatment. These patients would therefore be more appropriate candidates for laser liposuction. Likewise, patients with reduced skin tone/skin laxity could have a suboptimal result because once the fat is removed, their skin would not have the ability to retract and they’d be left with hanging, lax skin.

Kybella versus Laser Liposuction

Both procedures successfully and permanently reduce submental fat. There are a number of advantages to each procedure; evaluating each patient carefully to determine the most appropriate procedure for each individual is key.

For patients who have trepidations about surgery, Kybella is a nice alternative to liposuction. In the correct patient, the result achieved with Kybella is just as dramatic as liposuction when administered by a skilled provider. Kybella is an easy in-office visit, involving only injections, and can even be done on a person’s lunch hour. Liposuction can also be performed in-office, but is a surgical procedure and is thus more involved.

Kybella treatments are spaced over a number of weeks, so realizing your final result takes longer than does liposuction, where only one (lengthier) recovery is required. In addition to reducing submental fullness, laser liposuction has the added benefit of providing some skin tightening in the treated region, making it advantageous for those patients with some degree of skin laxity. Neither Kybella nor Laser Liposuction of the chin will correct very loose, lax skin or loosening of the muscle that supports the neck. Only a lifting procedure will achieve that.