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EmbraceRF offers a facial contouring solution where no other currently exists.





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Too Busy for a Face Lift?

EmbraceRF restores a clean neck and jaw line without the incisions or downtime of the classical jaw border lift.

Over the last few years you may have noticed that your jaw line is not as smooth as it once was. This crisp well-toned curve along the jaw border has lost its definition, and you have begun to develop what are commonly referred to as jowls. You may feel that this makes you look less energetic or even tired.

You may already have tried to correct these problems with fillers, threads, or ultrasound, but the results have left you disappointed. You don’t want to change the fundamental look of your face; you simply want to restore a dynamic natural appearance.

EmbraceRF Chicago

The paradox is that you are too busy with work, family, or other responsibilities to find the time necessary for recovery from face lift surgery.

EmbraceRF at the Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago and Winnetka may be the solution you have been waiting for.

Dr. John Q. Cook is recognized throughout the Chicago area and on the North Shore as a leader in advanced techniques of facial rejuvenation surgery. He has worked tirelessly for over 25 years to improve the face lift operation and make the entire surgical experience easier for his patients. He has developed a process that allows for face lift surgery to be done entirely under local anesthesia, which simplifies the face lift experience.

EmbraceRF is the latest advance that Dr. Cook offers to a select group of patients, those who want to improve the tone of the neck and jaw border area, but who don’t have time for the recovery process from a neck and jaw border lift.

How does EmbraceRF achieve its remarkable results?

EmbraceRF is an innovative combination of techniques that use radio-frequency energy to tighten skin, improve skin quality, and remodel the contour of facial fat. It works particularly well along the jawline and in the neck.

This can all be accomplished without the usual incisions involved in face lift surgery. Dr. Cook inserts a probe beneath the skin through a tiny opening made with a needle. A second probe sits on top of the skin, and as Dr. Cook glides these two probes along the jaw border and in the neck energy flows between the tips of the probes, which tightens skin and remodels fat.

FaceTite Chicago

FaceTite treatment.

For most patients Dr. Cook completes the rejuvenation process with another radio-frequency device, Fractora, which delivers energy through tiny needles into the skin. This initiates the healing response, which improves skin tone and fine lines.
The entire procedure is done under a virtually painless local anesthesia technique.

Fractora Treatment Illustration

The Next Best Thing to a Face Lift

Dr. John Q. Cook became aware of the innovative work of Dr. Rovatti, an Italian plastic surgeon, through his friend Dr. Spero Theodorou. Dr. Theodorou, who trained under Dr. Cook in the Rush plastic surgery fellowship and who has gone on to great success in New York City, did much of the research that led to the approval of the BodyTite and FaceTite technologies by the FDA.

FaceTite Before and After Photos

FaceTite patient before and after by John Q. Cook, M.D.

Dr. Cook has used the FaceTite technology since the late summer of 2016 to improve the tone of the neck and jaw border areas with great success. When he learned what Dr. Rovatti was doing with the FaceTite technology it seemed that this might be the next generation of the FaceTite procedure.

Dr. Rovatti’s results speak for themselves. Remember this is accomplished under local anesthesia with none of the typical surgical incisions:

The 4 before and after images below are courtesy of Dr. Rovatti.

EmbraceRF Before and After Photo
EmbraceRF Before and After Photos
EmbraceRF Before and After Photos

What makes the EmbraceRF treatment different from FaceTite? The same equipment is used, but the energy is delivered to very specific zones in a targeted way. This protects the zones of the face where it is desirable to keep a natural fullness. EmbraceRF also introduces the concept of adipose-remodeling, which uses energy to remodel the shape of facial fat.

Proven Technology with an Excellent Safety Profile

At the Whole Beauty® Institute Dr. Cook and his team place patient safety at the center of everything we do. We also like technology with a proven record of success.

Dr. Cook was one of the first plastic surgeons to use the FaceTite technology. He has used it in a large number of patients to improve tone in the neck and jaw border areas. The sister technology, BodyTite, has also been great in other body areas that need both fat reduction and skin tightening.

Dr. Cook’s extensive experience with these technologies is one of the reasons why he was chosen to be among a select group of surgeons to introduce the EmbraceRF procedure in the United States.

Our skilled aesthetics team and Dr. Cook have used the Fractora technology in hundreds of patients for skin rejuvenation.

The fundamental design of the FaceTite system provides an excellent safety profile. The computer continuously monitor the temperatures around the internal probe and external probe as well as impedance. The power stops if any of these parameters is exceeded.

Your Experience with EmbraceRF at the Whole Beauty® Institute

Dr. John Q. Cook has developed a systematic process of facial analysis, which allows him to evaluate the four key variables in facial aging. During your consultation with Dr. Cook he will review your goals and determine which approach to facial rejuvenation is best for you. This is where Dr. Cook’s extensive experience with all forms of facial rejuvenation, from fillers all the way to surgical lifts and fat transfer, works to your advantage. Good as FaceTite and EmbraceRF are, they are not the solution for everyone who needs facial rejuvenation. These procedures fill a gap between external skin tightening with devices like Forma and the jaw border and neck lift under local anesthesia.

If Dr. Cook determines that EmbraceRF is a good solution for your needs your next step is to meet with one of our coordinators and select a date for surgery.

On the day of your treatment you will eat a light meal and takes some medication that will make you relaxed. Dr. Cook will then obtain local anesthesia with a technique that makes the process virtually painless.

In the treatment room Dr. Cook will make several tiny openings in strategic locations and place a numbing fluid under the skin. After appropriate time Dr. Cook will use the FaceTite handpiece to tighten and remodel specific zones along the jaw border and neck.

The EmbraceRF procedure is well-suited to both women and men.

When the procedure is finished Dr Cook will wrap your face and neck in a supportive dressing which you will wear for one or two days.

Recovery from EmbraceRF is Easy!

Most of our patients tell us that they experience little or no pain after the procedure. We recommend that you sleep with your head elevated the first few nights and that you apply ice over the dressing. You will eat softer food and avoid heavy exercise. We want you to return to your normal pattern of light activity.

When you come back to see us we will remove the dressing and give you an elastic band that you can wear when convenient to support the neck. You will already see the wonderful results from your EmbraceRF procedure, which will continue to improve in the weeks after your treatment.

Plastic Surgery in Chicago and Winnetka, IL

EmbraceRF Combines Nicely with Other Local Anesthesia Procedures

Many of our patients combine other local anesthesia procedures with EmbraceRF and FaceTite for comprehensive facial rejuvenation. These procedures include facial fat transfer, which Dr. Cook has performed several thousand times, eyelid surgery, and nanofat to rejuvenate the facial skin. With these combinations most patients can return to work and social activities within a week.

The majority of our patients are amazed by the small amount of bruising and swelling that occurs after surgery. Most patients can return to work and normal light activity several days after treatment, perhaps with camouflage cosmetics if there is a little bruising.

Begin your Path to Rejuvenation with a visit to the Whole Beauty® Institute.

Dr. John Q. Cook and the Whole Beauty® Team are Chicago’s leaders in naturalistic facial rejuvenation. All of our treatments and procedures, whether fillers, Botox, EmbraceRf, or face lift surgery are designed to preserve and enhance your natural facial identity.
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